Is there any sensual massage in manila? how much? can you give the exact place?

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Come on, let's not be hypocrites here. That stuff happens and he is asking a legitimate question and not for our opinions. If you don't like it, don't answer. ^_^

Along with what Ping says, Here are some that I know of:

Maalikaya - Quezon Avenue near West Avenue. How much depends on how "low" a level you can go. There are massages that range from 1,500 to a max of 7,000.

Ginza - Quezon Avenue

I don't know about Ginza though.


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  • pingnavarro answered 7 years ago

    Magellan - along Buendia, near the LRT station. massage is 800, you can choose to a lot of women in an 'aquarium"..

    Happy - along E Rodriguez in Cubao. not sure of the price.

    There are also several along Quezon avenue..price ranges from 400-1000.

    Extra service not included. you have to pay extra 1500-2000.
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  • jrf answered 2 months ago
    Have a look here:

    The lady is a freelancer and doing an amazing job - if you are looking for a massage (no extras)!
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  • aussie answered 7 years ago
    hi there check out and register at under the massage section

    that will tell you all what the locals get up to .
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  • kibbs answered 7 years ago
    With the coppring up of massage parlor business, I think any city now has that kind. If you will be here you can see that while you loiter around. There is one along 621 Remedios St., Malate, Manila, the name is WHITE HOUSE K2 CORP. I am not sure if it is a sensual one what I know it is a massage parlor.
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  • iyah answered 7 years ago
    thai massage... leviste st. salcedo vill makati
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  • De_TouR answered 7 years ago
    There's many place here in Manila that offers such service, but I won't recommend it. It's dangerous.

    Why not just the typical massage, that can relax your body and mind, without any malicious intent... there's one of the best Holiday Spa in D.Tuazon Quezon City, another is Ritz Spa in Malate.
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  • Roger S answered 7 years ago
    Don't waste time with "sensual massage" places. If you want a massage, go to a licensed REAL massage place that does NOT offer extras.

    If you want sex, then go to a prostitute. There are several all over the place. In Manila go to LA Cafe in Malate. In Makati, go to P. Burgos Street. But if you're looking for the best deal, go to Angeles City. Prices and selection are very good.

    Don't try to mix massage and sex unless your girl happens to be a massage therapist. You will most likely get a horrible massage and rushed, unexciting sexual service.

    Be sure you use protection because many Pinay in the sex trade are NOT educated about sexual diseases and have been used by many, many, many men who did not use protection.

    Be safe and no matter what you do, PLEASE be kind and respectful to the women of the Philippines.

    **Added... iyah, are you sure that thai massage... leviste st. salcedo vill makati offers "extras"? I thought they were a straight massage place. Maybe I'm thinking of the one on P. Burgos Street.
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  • Grant in aid answered 7 years ago
    We don't need your dirty money.
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  • Louis answered 7 years ago
    You might want to go to a city with a lower AIDS rate.
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  • Magic Mouse answered 7 years ago
    Good Lord... You live dangerously. But I'm sorry, I can't help you on that one. LOL
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