Does anyone have any experience with JPMorgan Chase Bank?

I recently opened up a checking account with JPMorgan Chase Bank in Michigan. I was just wondering what your opinion was on their customer service, and overall banking experience? Also, do you recommend them as a financial institution for the "little man". Thanks in advance...

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    i bank at chase, i don't have any problems with them. their customer service is friendly & fast, even when i have overdrafted my bank account (oops!).

    i do a lot of online banking, & everything clears pretty fast (i use my bank card as a credit card, not a debit card). their records update right away, which is very convenient for me.

    & i'm just a poor student, so i don't have tons of my money in my account, ever. so if that's what you meant by "little man," then yes, they are even nice to us! =)

    good luck!

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    I have been with Chase for about 12 years, when it was Chemical Bank. I never had a problem with their checking or customer service. I was very pleased with their services overall. But DO NOT, and i repeat, DO NOT ever take their credit cards!!! They are the worse out there. I have never been late in my monthly payment on any credit card, i took their offer to consolidate my other credit card balances into a Chase master card with a low APR of 10% and out of nowhere they changed my APR to 29.99% ! And their excuse is that i was too close to my credit limit. Anyway, my advice to you is, just limit your business to a checking account if you can. They also did something to my boss (i don't remember the details), he was very unhappy with their customer service, he recently changed to another bank.

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    I have had Chase for about 10 years. It is very convenient, online banking, ATM's everywhere. Customer service is really up to each branch's management. I have found most tellers to be nice. I have found they aren't as nice when you have to call the 1-800 # though. I used to have about 3 credit cards with them. Once, they raised an interest rate from about 3.9 for life, to about 20 %! They said it was because I had "1 late mortgage payment, about a year ago". I was so angry, I transferred the balances to another card and closed it out. Banking is fine, but I woudn't recommend getting credit with them.

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    I used Chase for over 30 years. We left last year. The "service" is on par with good, large banks.

    Check out Read Kiplinger's article on them. We think they're great.

    3%+ interest for checking accounts.

    Deposit at ATM's all over the country.

    Free ATM drafts at non-everbank banks.

    Great "electronic" transfer options.

    Bill Pay.

    FDIC Insured

    good luck...................

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    I've been with them for more than 10 yrs. & when my checking book is over I'll pay for them. Every time that I need a loan they are kind and they give low interest rates (I don't know why? may be 'cause with them a lot lime, so wherever")

    basicly they make me fine with my accounts.


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