How do I switch my dc welfare case to the state of maryland?

I reside in washington dc and currently recieve government assistance for my 3 month old daughter. I stopped working in my 6 month of pregnancy due to complications, but am looking to return. In addition to a potential job in md, I also wish to reside there. Does anyone know the policy on transferring a case to a new state, maybe offer a link to a site for more info? It would be so greatly appreciated.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Now I know the regulations may be different from state to state...I am an eligibility worker in california. Within a state, a case can be transferred, county to county. But not state to state. You would have to request your case be closed in DC and apply in MD...Now MD wont be able to aid you until the case is closed. So, its best to make the request for your case to be closed in DC in the beginning of the month, all cases are closed at the end of the month. Then apply for aid in DC around the same time. They will deny the first month, becuz u are receiving aid in another state but will allow the 2nd month and hopefully, you wont see a break in aid, since you made your request early in the month. If you wait til mid month, you may not get your aid in time to pay ur rent, etc.

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