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What color does purple and yellow make?


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    when you mix primary colors (red, yellow, blue) you end up with the secondary colors (orange, green, purple). and when you mix the primary colors with the secondary colors (or use different amounts of primary colors like if you have more yellow than blue), you get all the other shades in the color wheel like.. yellow green, bluegreen, red orange, yellow orange, blue violet, red violet, and etc...

    so when you mix two complementary colors like purple and yellow.. you get a shade of brown.

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    Yellow And Purple

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    Purple And Yellow

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    Since purple is red and blue, and yellow is the other primary color, purple and yellow make brown. If you add all of the primary colors, you get brown. I believe you can get black by using mostly blue in a mixture of them all, but with equal amounts of purple and yellow, you get brown.

    May God bless you.

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    What color does purple and yellow make?


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    It depends. You must have TRUE purple and TRUE yellow. Often times in paint, people get ones that are slightly off (mostly with reds, blues) and it will throw everything off! The brown will vary on baby-sh!t-brown, to a football brown depending on your actual colors. Someone said that if you mix all of the colors (ROYGBIV) you get brown. You should get black... but I've never seen it done. If you do that with light though, you get white :)

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    if you mix two "opposite" colors on the color wheel such as orange and blue, or yellow and purple you will get Brown..

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    blue + red = purple

    therefore: (blue + red) + yellow = brown/ black

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    not a nice color you have green(blue and yellow) and red. green and red are opposing colors so gray/brown is the result.

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    Additively, black, but it depends on the proportions. But why don't you just buy a cheap box of paints and find out for yourself?

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