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So will they announce a game's suspension of Alfredsson tomorrow?

I think he should be suspended for intentionally taking a slap shot at Neidermayer. Please don't tell me it was a mistake of some kind or didn't happen.


How can you take Don Cherry (or anyone who dresses like that and doesn't work in the circus) seriously?

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    I am a Ducks fan, so naturally, I'm biased about this whole situation. So I'll just speak about what I think *will* happen. I do not think there will be a suspension. I think Alfredsson will definitely be fined for his behavior.

    The fact that there was very little chance that Niedermayer would be hurt by the puck is irrelevant; it was the gesture more than anything that made this totally unacceptable. Alfredsson is a captain, for god's sake, he is supposed to be setting an example for the rest of his team. It was a cheap shot that had no other purpose than to be a big "eff you!" to the opposing team.

    I really don't think this will go to a suspension because there really wasn't anyone hurt, and the NHL will often base the severity of their penalty on the extent of injury sustained. Stupid, but whatever. However, I doubt they'll overlook Alfredsson's blatant disregard for good sportsmanship. He's got a big fine coming.

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    i doubt if anything will come of it..the sens have been able 2 get away with pretty much everything....not 2 mention emery should get an emmy for his acting skills...damn that was a great job....

    since most sens fans think alfie did nothin wrong,he should be given an emmy also...

    But what makes it look intentionall was the double clutch be4 he fired....i believe he should be suspended,cause if the puck would have been higher,there would have been an injury,maybe even fatal,,cause at no point in any game is there a need 2 shoot the puck at a player intentionall or not..

    By the way isnt it 2 games in a row that the sens did somethin pretty stupid...

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    no sens enforcer, you have no idea what your talking about.

    CANADIENS ARE THE MOST CLASSLESS PEOPLE/TEAM ON EARTH. Don Cherry bashed America as some one just stated, NBC was totally right, dont tell Brett Hull he doesnt know what he is talking about. Neils dive was shockingly not called, Emery flopped like a baby. Pronger wasnt even there and the Ducks still won, hahaha. Im not even a Ducks fan but wow I love how they are dominating the canadiens and showing them that classless, dirty play does not win games. Their second goal was off the powerplay from Emery's flop. Alfredson, the captain, very intentionally shot that at Neidermeyer, then throws a punch at Moen as the ref calls neither of those dirty moments. He should be suspended. The Canadiens top line who they rely on is choking because the Duck's defense is so good, so they have to resolve to cheap shots. Anaheim will dominate them at home and bring the cup to California. Woohoo.

  • Erica
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    Don't bet the farm on it.

    That was in no way comparable to a hit to the head like Pronger did.

    I'm pulling for the Ducks so don't even think about accusing me of being a Sens homer.

    Please, this is the Stanley Cup finals and emotions are running wild. Are we just going to suspend everyone for every thing? This is a rough and tough sport.

    EDIT: By the way, Scott Niedermayer blocks shots like that for a living. I'm sure he's fine.

    I'm not saying that Alfie didn't get too carried away or that he should have done that...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yah this is getting old. I don't even care what happens to Alfredsson, I just want the Ducks to take that play and use it to beat the snot out of the sens on Wednesday. (as in hockey, not fighting or any other b.s. we've been seeing) I'd love to see Scotty shake his hand after he steals the cup from him. And yah, quit talking about intent, that makes no sense whatsoever. Attempted murder is punishable too. But Judge, I didn't ACTUALLY kill the guy! He's ok now!

    here's hopin' anyway.

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    Of course he will be suspended! He obviously shot the puck at Neidermayer. It was no where near the goal. He intentionally tried to hurt someone. 1 game suspension I think

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    Well I still don't think Pronger should have been suspended again. He did not hit McAmmond intentionally. Same goes for Alfy. League has been soft on Ottawa infractions for years. Take a look at the average versus what the Sens get. They always end up on the low end. Those nice Ottawa boys woudn't do any wrong NO. They're perfect. It's Moen's fault for putting his face on Alfy's fist.

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    3 years ago

    Do i think of Pronger deserved a suspension? particular and no. Did i assume he could get a suspension? particular. although none human beings can incredibly say no count if or no longer the hit replaced into intentional, I dont have self belief it replaced into. besides the incontrovertible fact that, it replaced into effective to the top, and it must be punished regardless. i think of he in simple terms has the disadvantage in that section for being one among, if no longer the tallest adult adult males accessible. He further that arm up at his physique point, and had McAmmond been some inches taller, (or had his head up) i do no longer think of that hit could have been as undesirable. regrettably together with his previous offense, all of us knew they had have their eyes on him. i'm no longer disillusioned over the suspension, observed it coming, yet I do think of that one activity replaced into plenty. no longer that it incredibly could have mattered if it have been 2 video games... they seem to be a good, hungry group, and one guy is unlikely make or harm that. we are going to win it at homestead this nighttime, and that i could no longer be happier for them! i understand many hockey followers think of of the ducks as a mickey mouse group, and a comedian tale, and that i'm hoping this opens some eyes to the certainty that they seem to be a suitable group. It probable wont, as a results of fact some anybody is in simple terms too close minded to have self belief that a collection from SoCal ought to or ought to take homestead the cup. yet I digress, i'm in simple terms happy to work out them win, even with each and all of the naysayers.

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    I am in favor of Alfredsson getting a suspension. I am hoping the NHL is going to be consistent with penalizing a player for so quoted "malicious intent." I am not in favor of only penalizing players if their actions injure another. I feel that maybe that just encourages players to take it another step. I agree that only Alfredsson knows what his intention was, but I doubt he's going to incriminate himself. Game 5 is gearing up to be a great one!

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    No, he won't be suspended. Why would he? Now if he had taken his stick and hit Nediermeyer in the head now that would be a suspension. LOL! Neidermeyer himself just said you have to play through those things. (Watching post game interview in LA.) As much as some Duck fans may want Alfredsson suspended, it won't happen.

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