I have been elected president. I need a head for the department of energy. How are you qualified?

Please give me an outline of your plans to solve the energy woes we face. Give me the ideas you have - detailed or in general. What should we do?... what should we not do? Now is your chance to make a difference.

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    I am not qualified to Secretary of Energy, is there such a department anyway? But, you are not qualified to be President, so here goes!

    First we have to suspend belief that Congress would cooperate and fund these things. Not likely.

    The big push would be on nuclear energy. It is clean, safe, and the source is NOT controlled by Arabs or looney tunes dictators. We need to get ALL electricity generated either by hydroelectric power plants or nuclear as soon as feasible. Too much petroleum is being spent to turn generators. The oil based plants should be replaced before the coal based ones, but even the coal should be replaced with hydro or nuclear.

    The laws about tax incentives for fuel efficient cars needs to be reformed. Currently, the incentives for building fuel efficient cars quietly goes away, removing those carrots from the donkey's nose.

    Build more highways in and around cities, increase the capacity to move traffic. Much fuel is wasted by millions of cars sitting in traffic jams. It would also reduce road rage, traffic accidents, and improve the quality of living for all those commuters in places like DC, SF, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, well, you get the picture.

    Create a plan REQUIRING Airlines to have a minimum % of passengers on board before being allowed to depart. This would also help more than energy problems. It would save fuel, but it would help (would not solve) the problem of airlines going broke and reduce the congestion in the air space saving more fuel from airliners "holding" awaiting a landing slot.

    Remove the subsides on food crops, but keep for a few years the subsides on ethanol. This would accelerate the production of corn for fuel and drive up the prices of grains helping the farmer.

    Pass legislation which would create a protected class of rapid transit; the personally owned 9 passenger van. Currently, it is uneconomical for a person to operate a van pool for money. The reasons are that the liability is so great that insurance companies charge too much to insure and regulatory reasons require a CDL driver's license and a whole bunch of other crap. By creating a system where by a person can voluntarily give up the right to sue in order to ride in the van, insurance could be reduced to a workable level. This would allow individuals to legally operate a van pool and make a little bit of money. This would take a lot of cars off the road around big cities.

    Start a project to investigate the feasibility of a feature to be incorporated in automobile computers whereby a Wifi device could externally set the maximum speed of the vehicle. By slowing the traffic down going into the city and speed it up going away, those gasoline wasting traffic jams might be avoided. I am not so sure this would have its desired effect, but it would be worth looking into.

    Last, but not least, I would approach NASCAR about sponsoring a race in which the amount of fuel being used by the race cars would be limited. Each race would they would have a little less fuel to run their 500 miles. Car design and engine design would be completely open, no restrictions whatsoever. Once the racing technology folks started working on cars that would run fast and get better mileage, some significant improvement could be made.

    Now, how do you arrange the ability to give 10pts?

  • 4 years ago

    No suprise right here, Obama has continually talked of taking great quantities of cash clear of the tax payer. We're all going to be desiring moment and 3rd jobs to pay for the entire bailouts, financial institution collapses, socialised medication, new infrastructure initiatives, "inexperienced tasks" headed by way of hundred-millionaire, Al Gore. Of direction the rate of power below Obama will upward push to identical that of apartment and auto repayments. It's financial slavery, I've been pronouncing that each one an extended. We are screwed! There is and needs to be a breaking factor, we effectively do not have the money to help all of Obama's initiatives and red meat. Working to pay taxes isn't correct, we want a few cash to continue to exist.

  • john c
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    1 decade ago

    Reduce the world's population by 40%. All of the ongoing crisies are caused by OVERPOPULATION, and our energy woes are no exception.Incinerate all wood and paper product waste, and generate heat , which would generate steam, and then the end product of electricity. Landfills are the worst type of pollution and decimate valuable acreage, which is out of production for hundreds of years. Recycle dung, cow and horse dung, human dung to create energy, sources are large cattle and horse farms, U.S. Congress, etc. If one believes the theory of "global warming", the need for heating oil can soon be eliminated.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Focus energy research on solar energy, and perfect the technology. Also focus research on minimal energy lose when energy transfers. Be innovative and lead the world. If you can lead the world, you can mold the world and that is when the money starts rolling in from the energy efficient research.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hey Joe,

    I am not certain I'd qualify for that open head of dept. energy but you just have to give me the job anyway. I think I can have people help me pull it off .....!!

    don't forget all that dinners fund raising in million of dollars my employees and I sponsor few time thru out the course of campaign for you and vice president and plus million dollars more my own money donation I made to your presidential campaign.

    Well enough say, again congratulations to you Joe...

  • 1 decade ago

    1) Remove the tariff for sugar based ethanol coming in from Latin America/Carribean.

    2) Remove the subsidies for Americans to grow corn-based ethanol. The inputs (including fertilizer based on methane) consume more energy than is output.

    3) Increase the tax incentives for R&D on alternate energy sources

    4) Make incentives for those clean coal plants which are expensive to build

    5) Give incentives for electric cars which are far more fuel efficient than fossil fuel cars.

    6) Increase the gas tax to shift people to public transportation (and to make it revenue neutral, give the collected tax money to cities to develop more public transportation).

  • 1 decade ago

    If you're a Democrat . . . I slept with you once, and you'd like to do it again.

    If you're a Republican, I have kissed your *ss just enough.

    If you're a Bush, I whisper in your ear that _I_ think you look much smarter than your brothers.

  • 1 decade ago

    Put a stop to the energy propaganda for GOOD!!!

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