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Please tell me about Nepal?

tell me info....

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    1. Eight of the fourteen eight-thousanders are located in Nepal. including the highest peak of the world- Mount Everest aka Sagarmatha.

    2. Birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha (Light of Asia).

    3. Second Richest Country (after Brazil) in Water Wesources.

    The water has the capacity of generating 83,000 mega watts of hydro power potentiality but Nepal only utilizes 2 percent of hydro-electricity of its total production capacity. Also, Nepal has most costly Electricity all over the world.

    4. Land of Brave Gorkhas (Gurkhas). Currently, we have Gurkha Regiments in Britain. Upto today it has won 24 Vicotria cross (i suppose).

    5. Nepal's sovereignty was never in foreigns hand.

    6. Nepal was the only Hindu Kingdom till May 18, 06 in the world.

    7. Religious Tolerance: Religion: 90% Hindu, 5% Buddhist. Buddhist celebrate Hindu festivals and vice versa.

    8. Extreme Bio-Diversity. Rare and wide varsities of species.

    9. In Nepal you can find every type of climate except that of ocean and desert (well we have similar desert climate in two upper districts).

    10. Like dare devil bro said, we have rare herbs in high altitude.

    11. Culture and Tradition.

    12. Around 90 delicti( i cant spell it lol) are spoken in Nepal. I myself know 5.

    13. Home of Living Goddess (Kumari)

    14. This all happens in 147, 181 sq km.

    15. Goes on n on...


    http://welcomenepal.com/ --> official tourism site of Nepal

    http://www.nepalvista.com/ -->General Info

    http://www.molon.de/galleries/Nepal/ --> Pictures

    Source(s): I am Nepali
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    What do you want to know? It's a beautiful ethnically and religiously diverse country with the Himalayas. I was just there for work last month and fell in love with Kathmandu, which can be a crowded, polluted city...but the old squares and temples are fascinating.

    The country is emerging from a ten year civil war so hopefully the peace will stick.

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