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AP Calculus?

Okay so I am a junor right now and the current AP calculus teacher is offering the class and trying to get more people on it because the 10 that have the right to get on it are having our doubts..the point is that the valudetorian guy at my school himself went up to me (he is my friend by the way) and told me not to get it because IT IS VERY HARD AND IT CAUSED HIM HIS CALUDETORIAN AND SALUDETORIAN!!! since accordingly to half of the currents students the teacher wouldn't explain.she would introduce the topic and if somedy didnt get it say "for the sec. of time and we are behind lets move on"!

well even though I want to pursue a major in Mathematics I am having my doubts because I definetly do not want my Perfect GPA get screw by an F in that class..

What do you recommend?

Is AP Calculus really that hard?

I bought some books of it to read over the summer and I am not getting anything at all!!

What do you think?

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    Forget your GPA. Do it because you want to, especially if you want to be a Math Major. I myself am a math major and recently graduated with a degree in applied mathematics.

    Make no mistake. AP Calculus is hard, probably THE hardest class offered in American High Schools. But don't make the same mistake which I made when I took it during high school.

    TRUST ME, spend a lot of time on the class, practice practice and practice (do your homework),

    and most importantly of all, take the AP Physics class that is offered with it which should be AP Newtonian Mechanics the first semester and then AP Electricity and Magnetism the second semester.

    The reason you must do this is because these two (physics and calculus) were specifically made for each other. Newton was working on Physics but he came across some problems which he did not have the tools to do so. He put it aside and spent some time on inventing calculus and then he went back and did what he REALLY wanted to do.

    If you take calculus by itself, it will be impossible. It is too abstract. If you take physics along with it, you will see why things are defined the way they are and how/where they are applied.

    At my school, in fact, the did not let students take one without the other. The same teacher taught both classes and if you took calculus, you had to take the Physics.

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    I took A.P Calculus over the school year that has just recently elapsed and I feel that it was great to take it in high school because of the smaller enviroment of the classroom. I hear about Cal classes in college being taught in huge auditoriums, and I was especially greatful that we all had plenty of time to ask the teacher questions. However, I had a good math teacher (this class has prepared me for College no doubt!) and I KNOW that I would have hated the class with a crappy teacher. On the other hand, having a teacher who doesn't really teach well may very well leave you rendered helpless(unless you work very hard by yourself). Another ramification of having a poor teacher is that they can discourage or disinterest you in the particular subject. Just some things to keep in mind.

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    Don't skip trig. It is everywhere in calculus. Next year though, you should take AP Calc. You're required to take it for most careers anyway, and if you can get the credits in HS, the better; if you're going in a career like engineering or programming, you'll want to go higher than Calc 1/2, so it'll be a jump start.

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    When considering AP calculus, you need to distinguish between AB and BC. AB calculus is not a difficult course if your teacher is skilled and is familiar enough with the exam to teach to it. To succeed, you need to do a LOT of practice of free response questions, as well as knowing the drill-like multiple choice.

    BC calculus is about 60% a review of AB calculus, which is why they're often taught simultaneously, or AB is skipped completely. BC is more difficult but it's still manageable if you put your heart into it.

    My teacher was skilled enough at teaching to the exam that out of 18 high school seniors in her BC class one year, 17 of them got 5 on the exam. If yours isn't, you'll have to spend a lot of time reviewing the stuff yourself. Either way, this course is doable for a future math major. Trust me.

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    Don't let your GPA be an obstacle to achieve your goals. If you're good at math, an you like it, go for AP calculus. I've never had a real AP calculus class, I prefer learn my stuff online, without anyone's help, and I've advanced myself pretty much, done multivariable calculus. I guess that's the sort of stuff in an AP calculus class. It isn't that hard for me, and I believe it won't be for anyone who puts his mind to it, I'm no genius, and if I've learned the things alone, you'll do it with a teacher, good one or not.

    Good luck, I didn't let GPA concern prevent me from taking any course I needed, and I hope you won't either.

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    Take it. Try to get to know your teacher a little better. Perhaps she is unaware that she has some teaching problems. You have a perfect GPA, so I believe you can handle AP Calculus easily. Just make sure you understand the basics and you will have no problem.

    If you were good at Geometry, Algebra and trigonometry, you will be OK.

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    It's hard if no one is teaching it to you. Did you take a rigorous Precalc class? There should not be a teacher in a math department who does this, that's not acceptable. If those ten students plus you have valid concerns, you have the right to speak to the principal and/or the chair of the math department. AP Calc should be a class to strive for, not one to fear. And the teachers who teach it should be the cream of the crop, not one who turns off students who normally excel in math.

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    I finished AP calc with an 88%. Now i dont know how hard your teacher will be, but if you are good in that area and just try, you should do ok!!!!

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