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Some people say all the bulls need is a PF?

So if the bulls landed gasol or randolph do u think they have enough to be eastern conference champions or do they need more and if theydo what do they need?

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    The Bulls have two or three needs, depending on what perspective you take on the team.

    The most common need identified is that of a scoring threat in the post. Ben Wallace is not a scorer, PJ Brown might retire, and nobody on the bench sets a scare into anyone offensively. That said, Wallace could play center or PF, so the Bulls just need a scoring threat in the post.

    The second identified need is that they lack a solid big guard. Hinrich and Gordon are both tweeners, and neither is very big. Thabo off of the bench is a big guard, and Duhon is another tweener. Therefore, many believe that the Bulls will be pushed around in the East until they get a big guard.

    The third need is pointed out in no. 2 - the lack of a true point guard. All of the Bulls guards are tweeners or 2's, not true points.

    Wow, with that list why don't they just blow up the team - oh, wait, just kidding. The problem the Bulls have is that at No. 9, the power forwards and centers available are not likely to be scorers; likely career backup centers, or athletic defensively oriented power forwards. They do not need another Tyrus Thomas type, extremely athletic PF with limited offensive skills. They don't need another Ben Wallace. So I figure No. 9 is going to be traded.

    Logic says that the Bulls can create a real good trade package: No. 9 and Nocioni (on a sign and trade) for a post scorer and either a big guard, point, or a draft pick to take a scorer guard.

    Originally, I thought No. 9 and Nocioni to the Blazers for Zach Randolph and Jarret Jack. But then Conley's value skyrocketed way past the No. 9, and this won't work.

    But I can see a trade down for the post scorer and a draft pick to take someone like Alando Tucker, Morris Almond, or another scoring wing. Tucker would fit perfectly into the Bulls defensive system, is a big wing (big 2, small 3), and can score. And by trading down, the post scorer could be a 4 or a 5, as Wallace could play the 4.

    I fear the return of the theory of drafting the best post man available - Spencer Hawes. The Bulls don't have a great history of drafting the "great white hope" - see Will Perdue. Today's news has Green from Georgetown coming to visit - but he is, again, more of the athletic defensive PF rather than the offensive PF.

    I like the trade-down, Nocioni and No. 9, for a post scorer and a draft pick to pick up a scoring big guard/small forward such as Tucker. Then they can draft a point in the second round. That would leave no real holes in the Bulls roster; no superstars, but no holes.

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    You're right.....what they truly need is a quality low-post scorer like pau gasol or zach randolph....but i would prefer pau gasol though....if they could manage to have him, then the eastern conference finals is the shortest that they could go to....they would also be serious contenders and would belong to one of the nba's elite for many years to come considering that the bulls are a young team....

    they also need another quality big man other than tyrus thomas off the bench since PJ Brown is already 37 and might not be a bull for long....

    more playoff experience, development of team chemistry and their young players would be a major factor of the bulls' success....

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    well if they get gasol or randolph they would have to trade some good players, probably some of the following players would be gone: hinrich, gordon, deng, tyrus thomas, sefalosha, nocioni. so if some of those players are gone, we wont know how it would affect the bulls.

    but yea the bulls need a lowpost presence, perhaps they can address that in the draft. they have NYs pick and i think it is 9. with that they can land spencer hawes, who is a center with great low post skills.

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    no the bulls wont be in finals even if they get a true PF. they still dont play well as a team. they have no floor leader. no true point guard. they've just about traded all the good players they had. now they are made of a roster of tweeners with the exception of ben wallace, luol deng, and ben gordon.

    bulls must find a true point guard to run their offense. they need jason kidd more than paul gasol.

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    Bulls need Eddy Curry and Tyson Chandler back.

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    yes. they need a pf who can score in the post. whether its garnett, gasol, randolph, they would be in the eastt finals, and without billups, the pistons wont have a chance.

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    to me personally its not about a PF to me i think they're good the way they are its just the fact their chemistry is low and that a player like Ben Gordon needs to step up and become a leader for this young team I think they have what it takes its just the fact that the inexperience and they need a leader in Gordon

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    Maybe. Depends how they get them. In order to get Gasol or Randolph they will have to trade one of there big 3(Gordan, Deng,Hinrich).

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    They need a go-to-guy. You know? A real "star." Like an NBA Icon. Gordon and Big Ben are good, but they need a superstar. If they get one, they are unbeata-bull.

    Excelent team though...

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    They would get KG,

    Nocioni, Duhon/T.thomas and First Round pick for KG

    And they will be the champions

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