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Why and where abouts are Australian peacekeepers in East Timor?

Just wandering about it because i need to research it for some homework.

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    Australian Prime Minister John Howard decided to send in May 2006 a force of 1,300 Australian peacekeepers in East Timor following an unrest begun in that country in March.

    The disorders started when 600 soldiers from the west of the country (almost half of the Timorese army) were sacked after striking in protest at alleged discrimination by commanders from the east. Firefights then erupted near the office ol President Xanana Gusmao and the UN compound, where dozens of locals sought refuge.

    Timorese government asked for help and Australia decided to send a peacekeeping force to restore order.

    You can find some sources looking at the bibliographical database at Look under "East Timor" country.

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    other answer is good. Also look into the 2000 time frame. UN was there as well as the US Army Engineers. A CO 84th Engineer Battalion out of Schofield Barracks, HI to be precise. Service members from New Zealand and Aussies helped stop the violence caused by West Timor

    Source(s): Was there in 2000
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