Can you give me a quote on the culture of Ecuador? Please.?

Something that includes something about Ecuadorian culture.

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    "The richness of Ecuador's diverse geography is reflected by an equally

    diverse population. Blacks, Indians, mestizos (of mixed Indian and white

    blood), Asians, Europeans, and Middle Easterners constitute a multicultural

    mosaic that has made Ecuador a vibrant microcosm of Latin America and of

    the rest of the world. Within its borders, one encounters the African sounds

    of the marimba and the bongo drums in the northwest coastal province of

    Esmeraldas, the Andean flute that evokes Incan times, the Spanish guitar that

    symbolizes almost 500 years of Hispanic influence, herbal medicinal practices

    from the Amazon jungle that bring alive a pre-Columbian past, Chinese food

    (commonly referred to as chifa), and surnames such as Mahuad, Adoum, and

    Bucaram that have the ring of faraway places. It is no wonder that Ecuadorian

    historian Jorge Salvador Lara delighted in praising his country for straddling

    the equator and for existing in two hemispheres simultaneously while

    breathing in all of the planet's breezes (17)."

    Culture and

    Customs of


    BY Michael Handelsman

    Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean

    Peter Standish, Series Editor


    Westport, Connecticut • London

    Questia Media America, Inc.

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