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Physical Fitness test? Army requirements? Am I physically fit and healthy?

Im 15 years old and I weigh 137 and I am 5"6. I can run one mile in 7 mins and 26 seconds with a little difficulty and by the time im done im sweating bullets. I can do 57 sit ups in 2 minuets.

Is that the normal fitness area I should be in? How many push ups, situps, and miles should I be able to do at my age?

Im wondering because I want to go into the army when im older and I need to know if I am in shape. Im EXREMELY nervouse about the Army Physical Fitness Test. According to what i told you, what would you say? Will I get stronger?

Also, what breakfast food gets you the most energy in the morning and will help drop some pounds?

Also, what time should I go to sleep at if I must wake at 6:00am?


Another thing about the running.

As I said, I run one mile a night non-stop in approximatly 7 mins and 30 secs. While I'm running, I have to really force myself to keep running and I always end up finishing without stopping, but I need something to keep me running without feeling the need to stop. The biggest problem with me is boredom and breathing difficulties. The breathing thing, i do NOT have athsma so its not that. For the boredom, I have my ipod which is actually the thing that keeps me going. Without it i doubt I could do it all at once running full speed. Any tips? And any ideas for a good song that will keep me running while listening to my ipod? As relation to my dreams of going into the army, what I REALLY need is a song with drill sergants screaming at me :P haha

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    You've got a good start. Slow the run down a notch and start pushing the distance. Keep pushing it until you get three miles and then start working for time at 2 miles.

    Start working on push ups but make sure youre going all the way down and up in a straight line (Lock the elbows at the top and make sure your shoulder blades go down as far as your elbows.) Remember your neck spine and legs must be a straight line all the way down and up.

    Keep working on your situps, maybe work on crunches instead for some of the sets.

    At 15, you have a good start and two years to even sign on the line. It'll come. Plan on at least 6-8 hrs sleep.

    Breakfast: the tradionals still work quite well (eggs, pancakes, hot or cold cereals).

    Keep up the good work! A good PT program will help you with school and everywhere else in life as well.

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    Because the military really doesn't expect much out of them. The PT is not hard in ANY branch, there are females that pass on the male standards and guess what? They don't have some awesome genetic make up, they're not butchy, they're not taking roids. They're the ones that just ******* try. That's all, they're just willing to put forth the effort. But like I said, the military doesn't expect much out of female troops. If jessical lynch was a man she would have gotten a dishonorable discharge for cowardice and not having her equipment in working order, since her rifle was rusted shut and she his under a humvee. But she wasn't so it's ok... That's kind of the norm. In too many places female troops aren't expected to work, do any labor, or push themselves at all. I disagree with a few posts. For one height isn't a limiting factor on run times, atleast not on the level that the army is looking for. I had a CO that was 5'5" and ran an 11:30 2 mile, so that argument is bs. Secondly were not talking about the Olympics, were talking about a test that should be easy for anyone in shape. No one is asking them to bench 225+ lbs, Thr pushup doesn't even push you're entire body weight, only about 50-60 percent. There's no excuse why someone can't run an 8 minute mile for 2 miles. It's not a marathon or anything hard. Yes there are physical differences, such as females being more prone to hip injuries when carrying heavy weights, but there's not enough of one to where you really can't expect a female to perform on the male's pt test...

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    I can give you the minimum standards for a 17 YO female for the 3 events in the army APFT - which are push ups(PU), sit ups(SU) and 2 mile run. (2M)

    PU - 19

    SU- 53

    2M - 18:54

    These are the standards after you leave basic training. The standards are a little lower to pass basic training (which I still can't figure out)

    As for sleep - try to get to bed no later than 2200 (10:00 pm) to try and get 8 hours of sleep. As for breakfast foods...stick with fruits and proteins (at least that's the primary recommendation)

    The big thing is to insure you are doing the SU and PU to standards. For push ups, the arms are bent until the upper arms are parallel to the ground. You can rest between repititions, but only in the up position and you can't lift your hands to "shak it out". You can re-arrange your hands, and sag or lift your back, but have to come back to the basic position to do another repition.

    For PU, hands must be kept interlocked behind the head, legs cannot go past a 90 degree bend, and the feet can only be held by the hands of another person (no kneeling on them, etc.) You have to go up so that the base of the neck is at least equal to or past the base of the spine...also, you can't raise your butt to pop yourself up to do another. you can rest - again only in the up position and can't use your elbows or hands to brace or lock yourself into a rest position.

    Source(s): and 23 years of service.
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    you sound like you are in very good shape. you dont need to worry so much about the physical fitness test, once you go into basic training they will get you up to the standard where you should be. the only thing is that you will have to run 2 miles. some recruiters do weekly PT (physical training) as a group, you could ask to join, that way you have some company to keep you going and also you can see where you stand when it comes to the PT test. good luck.

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    and you qualify for the male standards damn good job the army can use you even the Air Force(sorry i'm AF)

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