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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetProgramming & Design · 1 decade ago

Creating a register/login script with MySQL & PHP???

I was wondering if I could get any help with creating a register/login script for my website using MySQL and PHP.

Does anyone have a link with step-by-step instructions, or can they email me at

I always get errors when I try to set it up as those guides out there, so I was wondering if someone could help me getting this part of my project done.

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer has a section on login/logout

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    no longer the thank you to do it. considering no 2 human beings will use the counsel the comparable way an occasion would be ineffective. First you will prefer a database to your person and internet site protection administration. this might prefer a table of consumers, utilising a popular key identity of int() auto_increment form. Then a different identifier for everyone, regularly the digital mail handle. Then first call and final call fields. Then a password container. you may consistently shop the password encrypted. by no potential in sparkling text textile or hackers can see it in the event that they get get entry to to the area. that ought to make you to blame for any of their losses. then you definately ought to write down a sort to assemble the above documents, and on submitting it would validate the counsel to make sure no one can positioned up a script link in it. Even someone call or password container could be utilized for that. then you definately could make sure all consumers till now they're given get entry to to the area or you will no longer comprehend if any of the digital mail info are actual. so which you ought to write down a affirmation script to deliver them a affirmation code utilising the Hypertext Preprocessor mail() function, and a internet site to validate that code and allow them to grow to be someone in the event that they do. then you definately ought to write down a login script to permit them to pass into an digital mail or unique person call and their password. this manner could then validate all entries returned, and then study the person info and the encrypted version of their get entry to for password against the small print interior the person table. MD5 encryption is ultimate for this. On fulfillment you enable them get entry to to the appropriate pages, and might use their person identity to construct documents into the pages in accordance to the person and their requests. in the event that they fail to authenticate you ought to tell them so and provide them yet another danger. At a third attempt you may then lock them out if utilising that call for a minimum of half-hour, or extra effective trash their password and cause them to shop on with for a clean one that they are going to ought to validate. returned this stops hacking scripts. there is too plenty in touch in this to positioned up right here and there are no examples absolute to artwork on your device. study the Hypertext Preprocessor instruction manual and the mysql instruction manual, the two available online.

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