95 cadillac STS running temp in ARIZONA?

I have a 95 cadillac seville STS and I just replaced the radiator, as well as put in a 180 degree thermo. I live in AZ and in the heat of the daymy car is running in the lower 220's. Now to me this seems high, but everyone i ask is split on this matter. So please anything would help, and if you could back it up with proof would be better.... thank you much

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    All I can tell you is that, with hotter weather comes hotter engines, here in Michigan, on a hot day I can hit 221 degrees, even hit 250 before, you shouldnt really worry until either your temp gauge is nearing the red or you hit about 270 or 290.

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    I dont have the proof you would like but a 170 or even a 160 degree thermostat in that heat would be best. 220 is quite hot for any internal combustion engine to operate. A cooler temp thermostat will lower your operating temp and thusly your engine will be more efficiant as well as the parts of your engine will last much longer.

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    220 is fine in AZ. The thermostat will open at 180 and close when colder. The system is going to run hotter. The sensor is in the hottest part of the cooling system. Your temps would need to go upwards of 240 before you would approach overheating.

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    This is common for the 4.6. Not specific to AZ. Low 220's is a little higher then average but is in no way doing any harm.

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    one hundred sixty five levels. the hotter the thermostat the extra ability and extra effective gasoline milage you will get. yet, cadilacs tend to have outsized engines and run at cooler temps. working cooler makes the engine run longer.

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