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Why do people follow Martin Luther, the Protestant anti-Semite?

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    We don't follow Martin Luther.

    We follow Jesus.

    Martin Luther failed to follow Jesus in many ways. We fail to follow Jesus in many ways. The nice part is, Jesus forgives us when we fail His standards.

    The Bible tells us we will eventually let God down in a myriad of ways. So when we sin, even our sinning proves the Bible right.

    However, Christians have in the Bible a moral code that allows us to declare some actions wrong: hence, when we say "Martin Luther was wrong to be anti-Semite," we have an Authority on which to base this statement. Unfortunately, atheists and those like them do not, because they have no such Authority to base their moral discernment on. Hence Christians can say "This fellow Christian was wrong by our standards," but atheists cannot say "this fellow atheist was wrong by our standards"--because they have no standards.

    Know that when someone condemns Martin Luther, they are using a Christian standard to condemn him...what i personally find strange is that they then say this standard proves Christianity "wrong" or "bad." So a Christian standard that they agree with proves Christianity is bad? Hmm.

    Just a little something to think about.

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    Yep; Protestantism replaced into not extra effective than Catholicism, for the main section. the only important exceptions have been the Quakers and the Unitarians, who incredibly made a harm from medieval Christianity. The others have been actually the comparable minus a pope.

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    If you know your history, Luther was in fact a Catholic anit-Semite prior to being a Protestant one.

    Source(s): Veritas
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    Well, Anti-semitism doesn't instantly invalidate every point you have. It DOES make you an idiot in alot of things, but perhaps you might be able to form a coherent thought not concerning...something. I mean it's concievable that....ok you have a point.

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    martin luther?

    who follows him?

    sure he might have been the one who offered the bible in different languages...

    and started the whole thing that only though jesus can you be saved....

    but i dont think a majority of people follow him.. but more of the religion.

    are you people thinking of martin Luther KING? because those are TWO different people......

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    Do not know. Why do they follow Al Sharpton - the evil, lying, racist who orchestrated the Tawana Brawley incident and should be in jail.

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    I don't think anyone follows him.

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    it doesnt matter what religion he was, he was a revolutionary who could speak amazingly to the people who needed motivation, if you can't see that then, quite frankly you are a moron.

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    people will follow most anyone - we are 'lost sheep'

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