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How much does a registered nurse with a master's degree earn hourly, monthly, and anually ? And is possible, how much does a nurse earn with a doctoral's degree ?

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    If you are living in the U.K the average wage starts at around £17,500. It goes up as you go up a grade. Grading system in U.K is changing though but roughly it will stay the same!!

    D Grade- approx £17,500 - £19,000 annually

    E Grade- approx £ 19,000- £22,000

    F/G Grade ranges from approx £22,000 - £ 32,000

    It also depends on where you live. If you do live in the U.K then London and the South East earn more than others.

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    this is a perplexing question to respond to because of the fact this is no longer with regard to the occupation. this is approximately YOU and how properly you could fit into the occupation. Nurses are in severe call for and the call for is in basic terms getting greater advantageous (no longer sufficient new nurses and infant boomer nurses retiring). So, this is an surprising field to get into, marketwise. And, healthcare is an industry no longer very much affected by the economic gadget. i incredibly think of nursing is a calling. you may desire to be a giver and a nurterer because of the fact the activity is so stressful and the working situations are stressful. yet, regardless of if it is your calling, someway, you will no longer techniques. Nursing is a severe burnout occupation. although, there are maximum of possibilities for nursing that are actually not in a scientific institution or perchance a medical putting. there is telephonic nursing, utilization evaluation--i've got even recruited for shopper administration/revenues positions the place they want nurses. in case you burn out on the scientific institution (12 hour shifts, staffing themes, nasty MD's), there are nevertheless large possibilities for nurses. finally, nursing will the two fill you with purpose and excitement or drain you of your spirit. you may desire to ascertain who you're and which it is going to do for you. i'm no longer a nurse, i'm a healthcare recruiter.

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    It depends on the jobs you do, and where you work....

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