Infected insect bite?

Was bitten by an insect I did not manage to see. After 24h the swelling was great. Doctor gave me a cortizone shot just in case. The redness has now spread extensively all over my upper arm and is now working its way down my lower arm.Have now started antibiotics. When should the symptoms start receeding?

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  • Holly
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    1 decade ago
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    If the antibiotic is what you need, you should start to notice some change within 24 hours. Either feeling better, or not spreading, decreased swelling. I agree that you need to keep in close contact with your doctor. Take pictures of your arm so if it gets worse, you can show how much. Good Luck.

  • 4 years ago

    its strange and beautiful my lil sis basically have been given a bite of a few form the various day, on the beginning up up it replaced dazzling right into a pink section that gave the consequence of a tiny hollow...then it unfold and her finished ankle replaced into swollen up, and the hollow had like a black dot in it. besides the shown fact that it replaced into honestly small, the scientific docs basically cautioned us to visit a distinctive nicely being center in 3 days if there replaced into no sign of healing. so the scientific docs could be a waste of time stable success i'm hoping its ok, her ankle is calling extra suitable suitable now via ability of itself :)

  • 1 decade ago

    keep in close touch with the doctor, in case the antibiotics fail to work - they may need to be switched - so watch it carefully...

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