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i heard of the term REJET on motorcycles, does this involve buying, or just re-adjusting idles, etc?

also how can i make my vstar 650 loud without buying expensive new muffler. can i drill a hole inside?


this muffler comes in two muffler. they are both welded. so where is the silencer located, inside the muffler?

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    You could probably get away with just readjusting the TPS and PMS settings of main jets if all you are going to do is drill holes in your baffles. Messing with your jets can get pretty involved. (Check out the pdf file in the link below).

    If you want a true performance upgrade you should consider improving air flow to your engine by changing out its air intake system and pipes. Lot of different choices out there. (I've included links to just two of them.) Most aftermarket pipe or air flow systems come packaged with a rejetting kit. Best to do both the pipes and the air-flow systems at the same time. You will notice a bigger difference in power and performance and, in the long run, will cost you less in labor, to install.

    I'd recommend going with a UTI or Lincoln Tech certified technician if you feel the least bit uncomfortable performing this kind of repair yourself.

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    Rejetting involves opening up the carburator and changing the fuel jets. Not really too difficult but it can be time consuming finding the right size. It will often involve adjusting the idle.

    You can drill the baffles on your mufflers. This will make it louder and allow the exhaust to flow better.

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    Rejetting means changing the needle and seats [jets] in the carb. The needle and seat is what measures the fuel flow in the carb.Make your muffler louder just ram a piece of steel, that is bigger, then the hole already there. I don't recommend it.

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    rejetting is required if you have gone for different type of airfilter/ exhaust system. You have to be very conversant with the carburettors for this as well as VERY GOOD at reading the spark plugs.It DOESNOT sound that this is the case with you, so its not your cup of tea. So go to expert who does this.But what have you done to your Vstar so that you have to rejet it? Before going for a louder exhaust note, think about the neighbours-- they may object to the louder exhaust note. Yes you can drill a hole of about 1/4" x 3 holes at theoutlet end of silencer make it louder, but it is likely that you will have a hissing noise to accompany the loudness.

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