Any advice for a prospective Clinical Psychology student?

I want to go into Clinical Psychology, I'm in my 2nd year of a part time degree. I'm hoping to start work experience in October after my exams

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    What kind of advice are you looking for? Do you have plans of a job yet? Where are you planning on doing your placement? Where are you located? I don't have to have specifics, just like north, south, east, west, or middle. Do you have a speciality? Geriatrics, Children, etc....?

    One thing you have to remember when you start to work after all the school is "done and over with", don't let the patients problems eat away at you. Learn to separate yourself from your work. Take vacations and leave your work at the office, don't take it home with you even if your office is in the home. If it does start to get with you, talk to someone.

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    Yes. Change degrees to a subject that actually has a logical premise behind it.

    Addendum for MT: Are you the evil version of me from an alternate reality? ;-)

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    Doesn't this count as work experience?

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    my advice?---have fun!

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