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How much per minute is it to call from PC- to Phone from germany to the US????

We currently have a TKS company for our phone bills over here in Germany. My husband is Active duty AF. I wanted to try the Yahoo PC to Phone service. i am sure it would be a lot cheaper! But how much is it to call from Germany to the US?????? I need to know like yesterday so we can save this money! The bill we have now is in Euro and we arent able to use any other service provider other than the one we have now. The euro rate to the dollar is .72 euro cents to the dollar so its like almost 30% more. Just for our Internet and ohone was $200. It freakin cost me to call my neighbors over here. PER MINUTE! any help would be GREAT!!!! thanks in advance!

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    Yahoo! Voice Rates to Germany

    Germany $0.015

    Germany, Berlin $0.015

    Germany, Mobile $0.223

    Yahoo! Voice

    Through Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Voice services that let you save money on calls from your PC to traditional landline and mobile telephones (called Yahoo! Phone Out).

    You receive calls on your PC from traditional landline and mobile telephones (called Yahoo! Phone In).

    To learn more about these new premium services, go to:

    For calls From PC to PC... (FREE)

    Each computer has to have a mic and speakers.

    Each computer has to have Yahoo Messenger (or MSN Live)

    Each computer has to run the Call Setup Assistant:

    Open Messenger. on the Menu

    • Click on Messenger

    • Click Preferences.

    • Click Calling and Audio.

    In the Calling and Audio dialog box

    • Click Open the Call Setup Assistant.

    Follow the instructions to test your microphone and speakers and specify your Internet connection.

    To place a call

    Open Messenger

    • Click on the Contact you want to call.

    • Click on the Phone button on the pop-out menu.


    Source(s): Yahoo Voice - Phone Out Rates;_ylt=ArpAU....
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    in case you have a save reported as "ninety 9 cent purely save" on your area, then you definately can pass there and purchase a card for $ninety 9 cents (which provides ninety 9 minutes to Canada & Mexico and extremely genuine looking expenditures to different international places). the corporate who makes the calling taking part in cards has their own website so as that once the taking part in cards run out, you could upload greater money to the cardboard. If there's no longer a save on your area, possibly you could call one and ask them to tell you the internet website on the back of the calling card, then look into the internet website to ascertain in case you may desire to purchase a card quickly.

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