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Why do american actors on TV an film always hang up the phone without saying goodbye?

I have been watching TV for decades and it has always mystified me. If we all did that how would the other person know the convo was over??

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    I don't know. I noticed that. I think I saw a joke about that in a movie. There was a three-way call and the one person left on the line is like, "Why don't people say bye anymore?"

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    You mean you don't do that? j/k I think it's supposed to portray a certain aspect about that actor/actress. Like 'they are a busy person' or something.

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    I've wondered this myself many times

  • 1 decade ago

    because there not really talking to anyone. its just tv.

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    1 decade ago

    dunno. ever notice that they always get out of cars but never have keys in their hands? or that they never turn the lights off? let that one marinate in yer brain for a bit too.

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    Maybe they forgot their manners..... SORRY for saying this.

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