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glider written/oral exam questions?

Im about to get my glider license with a self lunch endorsement (Diamond HK36TTC motor glider)

anyone know where I can get the questions for the written/oral exam?

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    EDIT: the Private Pilot test bank covers Airplanes, helicopters ,balloons, AND glider pilot knowledge questions, you can find the entire bank of questions at:

    AC 61-94,Pilot Course for Self Launching or Powered Sailplanes (Motorgliders) can be found at:

    You will find the FAA-H-8083-13 "Glider Flying Handbook"

    Is a must read/study.

    with the following changes...

    Glider Flying Handbook



    December 1, 2003

    The Airman Testing Standards Branch (AFS-630) is responsible for the

    development and publication of the Glider Flying Handbook. We would like to

    apologize for the following pen and ink changes that need to be made to this

    handbook. We will revise the basic document in January 2004 and have it

    available to the public on the web site. Any comments or

    suggestions to any FAA handbook published by AFS-630 can be sent to

    Pen and Ink Changes

    Chapter 7, Launch Recovery Procedures and Flight Maneuvers

    • Page 7-1, Figure 7-1, illustration titled Stop Operations Immediately, the

    arrows indicating the movement of the arms should extend over the head

    of the individual.

    • Page 7-4, Figure 7-4, top illustration, the glider should be in a crab

    pointing into the wind.

    • Page 7-4, left column, first paragraph, third line, eliminate the word


    • Page 7-4, right column, first full paragraph, fourth line, last word, change

    to “affects.”

    • Page 7-12, Figure 7-14, Change “Wench” to “Winch.”

    • Page 7-12, Figure 7-14, illustration titled Stop Operations Immediately, the

    arrows indicating the movement of the flags should extend over the head

    of the individual.

    • Page 7-12, right column, first and second line change “wench” to winch.”

    • Page 7-12, right column, last paragraph, fourth line, change “wench” to


    • Page 7-14. Figure 7-17, change “Wench” to “Winch.”

    • Page 7-15, left column, third paragraph, second line “wench” to “winch.”

    • Page 7-18, left column, first paragraph, fourth line change “wench” to


    • Page 7-22, right Column, Common Errors, item four, change “dive breaks”

    to “dive brakes.”

    • Page 7-23, right column, second paragraph, second line change

    “produces” to producing.”

    • Page 7-24, left column, sixth paragraph, first line, change “produces” to


    • Page 7-26, left column, Maneuvering at Minimum Controllable Airspeed,

    Stalls, and Spins, last line, change “spins” to “spin.”

    • Page 7-26, right column, third paragraph, second line, change “dive

    breaks” to dive brakes.”

    • Page 7-28, right column, second paragraph, eleventh line, change “and

    while” to “while.”

    • Page 8-5, right column, third paragraph, nineteenth line, change”/dive

    breaks” to “dive brakes.”

    • Page 8-9, left column, last paragraph, fourth line, change “effects’ to


    • Page 8-10, right column, Altimeter Malfunctions, fourteenth line, change

    “/dive breaks” to “/dive brakes.”

    • Page 8-12, left column, first paragraph, fifth line, change “/dive break” to

    “/dive brakes.”

    • Page 8-15, left column, Drogue Chute Malfunctions, third line, change

    “/dive breaks” to “/dive brake.”

    • Page 9-19, left column, second paragraph, last line, add period.

    • Page 9-12, Figure 9-27, change “Main Update” to Main Updraft.”

    • Page 9-22, left column, second paragraph, second line, change “too” to


    • Page 9-28, left column, IFR, change “1,00” to”1,000.”

    • Page 9-37, right column, VFR Clouds and Weather, third line, change

    “end” to “and.”

    • Page 10-7, Figure 10-11, item 1, change “Streepen” to Steepen.”

    • Page 10-12, left column, Wave Soaring, sixth line, change “lead” to “led.”

    • Page 11-4, right column, second paragraph, line one, change “heading’ to


    • Page 11-5, left column, first paragraph, second line, eliminate “heading”.

    • Page 11-5, right column, first paragraph, next to last sentence, change “B”

    to “A.”

    • Page 11-6, left column, last paragraph, last line, change “heading” to


    • Page 11-7, right column, line nine, change “Reese” to “Bronco.”

    • Page 11-8, third paragraph, line nine, change “heading” to “course.”

    • Page 11-15, right column, second paragraph, line one, change “performan

    ce” to “performance.”

    • Page 11-16, left column, fourth paragraph, line 9, change “loss’ to “lost.’

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    Go to

    It has practice exams for pretty much all of the FAA tests. I used it extensively to practice for my glider, power, and instrument tests. You have to register on the site, but that is no big deal (they send you emails every now and then with special offers). You can write the exam as many times as you like (for free). I studied with it until I could pass the exam ten times in a row with a 90% or greater so I knew that I was very likely going to pass the "real" exam.

    As for the oral exam, the questions all basically come from the same book. The ASA has a great test prep guide that is widely available and you should be able to purchase it from your flight school/organization or

    Another thing you can also do with the oral is to consult other pilots to learn if there are any favorite subjects that your examiner my have and make sure that you know those solid.

    Best of luck with your exam.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    In the UK, there are six different papers that you can take for air law, and other exams. These exams have been the same for years (and are consequently available on the internet) and you simply get one picked out of the drawer.

    BUT you should know your stuff, or the CAA will have another wreckage to sort out.

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    Nope, sorry. The FAA keeps those locked up so that you can't know the "exact" questions. But, there is still hope. There are many books in stores with "practice" tests in them that will help you get ready for that ever important ground test.

    So check out sporty's flight shop and others, they should have them.

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    I have self lunch every day - my wife refuses to to make it in accordance with !!!!

    Why do you need the questions for the exam?

    If you dont know what you are doing by now - you will the one that pays the ultimate price.

    Why is it these days we need it all handed to us without putting in the hard miles?

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    Hahaha. It seems you should have said if you believe in heaven play along. "Have you sought the truth as oppposed to merely claiming to have found it?"

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    If you were in Australia, you can buy such a book from

    Anywhere else, sorry - cannot help

    Source(s): Gliding Federation of Australia
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