taylor hicks?

what do you guys think of him

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hick's is just beginnng a second sold out tour after doing a 53 city stint in the Spring.

    Tickets are almost impossible to get...

    Just ask my wife who tried to buy two to his August show in Vicksburg, MS this morning when they went on sale at 9 am...gone by 9:45 & he's there for two nights.

    If you don't have his post A.I. album, "Taylor Hicks", get it.

    He's also re-released his first two which were pre AI:

    IN MY TIME and UNDER THE RADAR which are available at concerts & from Modern Whomp in Alabama at (205) 939-3938

    Plus, you can hear a lot of his songs online at sites I'll list below.

    Hey, man . . . don't let anyone shame you about liking this guy's music, ya hear me?

    VIBE magazine --- not a teeny-bopper rag --- calls Hicks "the essence of the last 50 years of American soul & blues"

    I mean, the guy supported himself & an entire band (LiMBO) playing upscale Frat parties for years . . .

    Ya think those Jocks apologized when they collected the dues to pay Hicks/LiMBO?

    Hell, no-

    They RAISED whatever cash it took to be able to afford LiMBO & Hicks.

    Because they were and are SO friggin' GOOD-

    Being a multi-generational product of great New Orleans music, we love this guy's stuff.....

    We also appreciate him not being a racist or a redneck in spite of being from the South.

    Way past time to put those bad-boys to rest for good, eh?

    We've been to 3 TH concerts so far & the guy's appreciative of everything

    Coming off the bus in sweats after concerts to schmooze with fans is hardly what you expect of anyone these days.

    Also, he has his advance people make inquiries about the places he's playing, then invites folks with serious illness in the family, kids who've lost a parent, etc. to a Meet & Greet where he spends an hour or more with them taking pictures, giving away shirts, albums, etc.

    He's just a straight up guy who paid his dues--not full of himself like some boy-band wonders.

    Hicks told a crowd he was signing everything for after the concert in Greensburg, PA, "Always buy the cheapest, General Admission tickets....that's what I do because you get to stand up and dance the whole time without security guards hassling you."

    Finally . . . true story . . .

    Taylor Hicks is the ONLY guy the managers of Ray Charles' estate have EVER called . . . then . . .

    Picked up in Ray's Limo . . .

    Taken to Ray's house & studio for a personal tour . . .

    Offered access to record in Ray's studio when he chooses . . .

    Given a pair of gold cuff links/sunglasses Ray reserved for special friends . . .

    Invited to take his pick of any one of Ray Charles's famous sport coat collection:

    ( The first one TH tried on fit perfectly . . . and included cough-drops Ray favored in the pocket . . . Which Hicks has to this day . . .)

    If you haven't been to a Taylor Hicks concert......Ya gotta go, man...

    He levitates the places he plays for two solid hours of soul & blues and his own blend of whomp-swamp music . . .

    Anywhere else in the Universe, that kinda rush isn't even legal . . .

    Rock on . . .

    Dave Matthews-humble founder of Taylorsway@yahoogroups.com

    Source(s): www.myspace.com-taylorhicks www.therealdeal.com taylorsway@yahoogroups.com YouTube videos of Taylor Hicks SendSpace: search Taylor Hicks www.whompswamp.com www.tay-online.com
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  • 3 years ago

    Ive been tormented by American Idol withdrawal the previous few days so thank you for the question!! i think of Chris replaced into the appropriate yet i think of Taylor deserved to win over the oh-so undemanding Katherine! And definite he's 29.

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  • Nellz
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    1 decade ago

    The first time I saw him on Idol, I thought that he was pretty cool and unique. He was a young, gray-haired guy with a soulful voice. However, I never thought that he would actually win the show. He certainly beat the odds. As he continued on Idol, I grew tired of him and his constant "whoo!" and "soul patrol!" shout outs. What made him unique ended up making him cheesey. To make things worse, I heard from friends that he was a total jerk backstage at one of the Idols concerts. Anyways, I would much rather listen to Daughtry or Katharine McPhee.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think y'all should take a break from bothering Taylor......omg, this man is not hurting anyone, he is doing his thing to entertain his fans, and TRUST ME, there are a MILLION OF US FANS..........so please jump off the hate boat and grow up.......let us enjoy Taylor without your catty petty remarks........He is a World of Talent YOU CANNOT DESTROY........AND HE IS LOVED!!!!!

    WOOOOOOO Sandy


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  • 1 decade ago

    I think that the only reason why he won the show is because of the http://votefortheworst.com website. Otherwise, I could care less for him. I think he is a nice person, But I can't stand his singing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think if i would have never seen him dance or heard him talk i might could have actually enjoyed his music... or i could just listen to michael mcdonald

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  • 1 decade ago

    Another example of how we have bought in to "unreality t.v.".

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think he's fabulous!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is so bad to be different???? I like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no star quality whatsoever....pathetic.

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