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sword help please?

Is their a difference between the Katana and the samauri sword or are they the same.

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    The samurai used several different types of swords, with the katana being just one of them.

    Most samurai commonly carried three pieces: katana (long sword), wakizashi (short sword) and tanto (dagger). Collectively, this set is known as a daisho. All of these pieces could be wielded either one- or (in the case of the katana) two-handed. Depending on their fighting style, they would:

    1. Use the katana for attack and the wakizashi for defense;

    2. Use the wakizashi as a secondary weapon in case they were disarmed;

    3. As above, but use the tanto as a throwing weapon (which it was horrible at, due to it's large size); or

    4. As above, but use the tanto as a close-quarter stabbing weapon.

    If a samurai was defeated, or dishonored, he would be expected to commit seppoku (aka hara kiri, or ritual suicide). The samurai would use his own tanto to basically disembowel himself. At the same moment he finished the incision, another samurai (either the one that defeated him or one from his clan) would decapitate him.

    Then, there are the other swords that the samurai employed:

    Aikuchi/Kaiken - throwing daggers

    Odachi - great sword (a size up from the katana)

    Nodachi - two-handed sword (a size up from the odachi)

    Source(s): My training in shotokan, kendo and iaido.
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    There are no samurai anymore? I beg to differ. The tradition samurai are no longer here, but their spirit lives on.

    But anyway........for all intents and purposes, they are the same. Most people know what you are talking about when you say "samurai sword". But since some people don't actually know the name "katana" as the sword (surprises me too lol), its easier to market said swords to the general public.

    Odachi (horse killing, the one I have is about 6ft long total), Katana (around 40 in including handle), Kodachi (a shorter version of the katana. Between the length of a katana and a wakizashi), Wakizashi (companion sword, around 24 in total), and Tanto (japanese dagger. Used mostly for seppuku/hara kiri (belly cutting/slicing)/ritualistic suicide (preserves family honor).

    I have seen different swords being marketed as "nodachi", most notably as a stick sword. It appears as one long stick until you pull out the sword. Its usually a straight blade as well. But their length would be on par with a katana or ninja sword(ninjatou). So I can not say for certain as to what a nodachi would actually be.

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    the katana is the sword worn by high ranking samurai (along with wakizashi). I believe short version of the answer is yes. This is the more famous weapon among the samurai arsenal, it was their symbol of status. Other lower ranked samurai were not allowed to wear/have these swords and had to train with other weaponry.

    Source(s): documentaries and some books
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    A katana is a style of sword. The samurai were a class of people who used them. There are no samurai anymore, so it is only correct to refer to the style of sword (in this case, a Japanese one-edged sword of varying degrees of curvature)as a katana. People only call them samurai swords as a selling point.

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    Yes-swords varied in style depending on what period you are talking about just like cars have in our own society. Length was a variation also that was based on the size of the user and the balance of the weapon and shape of the blade. Bugei has some excellent literature and books listed for purchase if you are interested in swords of this type. Just go to their web site and you will find a wealth of information on it for free.

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    They are the same. The Katana is the weapon of choice of the Samurai.

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