Are their really bullies in middle school?

are their really bullies in middle school i'm going to ernest just next year

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    If there were bullies in your elementary school I am sad to report that they will be in your middle school next year. There is nothing magical that happens to create them as they enter 6th grade. I am a middle school counselor and can tell you, with complete confidence, that most incoming students worry more about bullies than necessary. Every year I meet with students about to come to my school and they tell me horrible stories about swirlies and kids trapped in lockers. Most of these, at the three school where I have worked, have been urban legends. I even went so far as to have the smallest kid on a tour TRY and get in a locker--she could not.

    Does this mean that there will not be mean kids. Sorry, nope. But your best defense is to learn to deal with them because they will be around for the rest of your life (there are adult bullies too). YOU have a lot of power to disarm bullies (not physically) and even to help them to be better people. Talk to your parents, your school counselor, a trusted teacher and/or read a book--there are lots on the topic.

    The most important thing that YOU can do is have 0 tollerance for bullies--even (especially?) if you are not the victim. Students who are bullied need people their own age to stand up to bullies--there is strength in numbers!

    Good luck--middle school can be a lot of fun!

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    This is my last year at our middle school. From my experience, the people who were already bullies will not change, and the people who hang out with them or the people who have mean tendencies now probably will get worse. When I was a 6th grader we were all a little scared so we all sticked together. I'm not sure about your school, but our school makes 6th grade a stepping stone. Basically, they put us in a class and we had 1 teacher for 3 subjects and we had 2 teachers for 2 other subjects, but we stayed with the same kids for every class. I know a lot of people say it, but it really isn't that bad. People really dont' get shoved in lockers and thrown in garbage cans. Stick with your friends and everything will be fine. If a bully does bother you or someone, you really should tell a teacher, guidance counselor, or an adult you trust.

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    5 years ago

    Don't worry i'm going in 8th grade this year and the are not as bad you think trust me i was worried to because when i was in elementary school i got made fun of and once i wet to middle school i really didn't get made fun of anymore and i was making new friends and its honestly not bad at all but of coarse there is always mean people but its really not bad so i hope i helped!! :D

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    there are bullies in every grade and throughout life until you die. There are even bullies in senior citizen's homes. It's a part of life. Even animals have to deal with other bullying animals.. It's not fair, but it's what nature does. Just ignore it and make sure you have a good click of friends to back you up.

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    Yes. You will encounter bullies in almost every aspect of your life, whether it is head start, pre-k, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, graduate school, or your workplace.

    Source(s): former bully victim
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    There are always bullies, but i have never had a problem with them, and i'm nobody special...just lay low and don't start anything with anyone.

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    There will always be bullies no matter what school you go to.If they bug you just stay way from them.Ignore them.Dont get into fightwith them.

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    YES. A lot aren't bullies that will harm you phisically, but they'll hurt you verbally.

    But it won't be that bad. Don't Worry!

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    Bullies are all pervading,but their population may differ from school-school,but the high school has a greter no. everywhere.!!!

    Source(s): My personal experience
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    Yes, there are some, but they shouldn't be a problem. You spelled "there" incorrectly lol.

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