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If I were voting today I would vote for Mike Gravel; what do you think of him?

I want to hear the good the bad and the ugly. I've done some research but not very much I need more information on him.

(sorry to double post but I have a feeling more people will be on now that the debate is over)


Thanks to everyone for your honest answers!

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    I completely agree with you. I was leaning more toward Ron Paul, and had never heard of Mike Gravel, until about a week or so ago. Someone else posted a link about him, and I checked it out. He is the only one that is 100%. He hits the nail right on the head, as far as I am concerned. *sm* All I have is the link for his website and links for a couple of youtube videos. *sm*

    Source(s): (Gravel's campaign website)

    Youtube thumbnail

    ...... (Gravel getting angry at the SC democratic debate)

    Youtube thumbnail

    ...... (Gravel on CNN being interviewed by Rick Sanchez)

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    No. Mr. Gravel has a distinquished past and has served our country well but he has become irascible and unwilling to debate. Maybe because is just becoming a fractious old man....people have a tendency to do that as they age.

    He says all the right things and I have no doubt he really means what he says but - he doesn't have the diplomatic skills necessary for the job nor the willingness to sit down and talk. He would be another "dead or alive" Bush.

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    He looks extra effective than multiple the different Dem applicants, yet would not look as massive on subject concerns like unlawful immigration and constrained government as Ron Paul is - he's not getting my vote. As an aside, why are not you balloting? hundreds of thousands of human beings no longer balloting is strictly what's been bringing this united states down. i might motivate you to bypass out and vote, despite in case you do no longer decide for a similar individual as I do.

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    I liked that he pointed out that the balanced budgets were balanced by raiding the social security fund. It's sad that more Americans aren't pressuring their representatives in Congress to stop spending other people's retirement money. Members of Congress have a separate pension system.

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    I agree. He shone like a star up there, the only straight-shooter in the bunch. I doubt I would vote Democrat, but if I did, he would be the one. And I didn't think they gave him enough air time.

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    It is like voting for Dick Cheney. He yells and does not reason and talk civilly.


    my list for vote





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    I like Joe Rockhead myself. Mr. Slate endorses him.

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    ??who is Mike Gravel???

    really, i think that he is a wasted vote. this is the first that Ive heard of him.

  • I like everything about him besides that fact he is pro abortion. He's probaly the best overall canidate tho

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    Isn't he related to Barney Rubble?

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