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Will the regular season matchup mean anything in the finals?

Cavs fans keep talking about winning the season series against the spurs, but the pistons dominated the cavs in the regular season, winning in cleveland by 16 and 12, and in the playoffs they never even led a game by more than single digits, going 0-3 in cleveland. Even the nets gave the cavs a harder time in 2 games than the pistons. Also, the cavs are hardly the only team the spurs have struggled against during the regular season, especially before the all-star break when the spurs usually start to get on a roll every season.

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    Regular season means nothing in the playoffs. Everything is heightened during the finals, and preparation is key to winning. During the playoffs is when you can truly can sense a team's weakness and exploit it.

    The 89 Cavs dominated the Bulls during the regular season, but it was the Bulls who made the right adjustments and won the series in the East Conference Playoffs.

    This season the Bulls beat the Pistons 3-1, but the Pistons in the playoffs made the right game to game adjustments to win the series.

    Regular season means nothing.

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    Not this particular match-up. Anyone with half a brain know the Spurs don't pick up steam until after the All Star break, and then go on to dominate the play-offs. The Spurs-Cavs regular season match-ups were before that. Also, the Spurs coaching staff has had a week to figure out how to stop the Cavs. Believe me, my San Antonio Spurs will win it all, easily.

  • 1 decade ago doesn't matter at all. The playoffs is a different world compared to the regular season. This is the time were strong teams really show what they got. So, it doesn't mean that if the Spurs were struggling in the regular season against the Cavs that they would be beaten in the finals.

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    It's hard for Cavs fans right now because they have gotten oh so close and now they have to get swept by the best team in the leauge. they are not stupid and they know this, but instead of admitting it, they are trying to convince themselves that they have a chance. I commend the Cavs for what they did to the Pistons but this series doesn't even need to be played. Tim Duncan is going off in the finals. Kudos to LeBron for single-handedly getting the Cavs to the Finals, at 22 years of age. I hope for LeBron's sake that they get a dominating big man soon. And just for the record, I am not a Spurs fan...just a realist.

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    No. Weaknesses are found in the playoffs. Take the Golden State Warriors for example they won the series in regular season. I want the Cavs to win

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    Cavs fans are not talking about the regular season. This is the playoffs, it's totaly different. We are a sports town and know not to bring that kind of stuff up. Evidently you heard 1 or 2 people say that. So just remember this-------------------

    RISE UP and WITNESS!!!!! GO CAVS beat the Spurs

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    If your a Cavs fan it will, so they can have some sort of hope to win the series.

    If your a knowledgeabe basketball fan that is unbiased to either team you will know it does not in this situation.

    GO SPURS!!! 99' 03' 05' 07' "KingKlick"

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    Idk it can go either way you never know..some teams just struggle against certain teams like GS-Dallas for example..we all know that Dallas was the better team but they got beat in the 1st round..i really dont like them but i say Spurs in 7 unless LJ can play like in game 5 throughout the whole series..the thing thats a pro & con for cleveland is their age they wont get tired as fast as the Spurs but they lack Finals experience

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    if we all notice, spurs never play hard in regular season, especially tim duncan, his stats are dropping like crazy every season.. trust me, i play fantasy basketball every year..

    meaing, spurs are only carrying team to play-offs, if tony is hot, they will let him shoot, if manu is on fire, they will let him score.. or whoever it is.. but they will never play hard as play-offs.

    play-offs is about experience and determinations for the shots.. lebron is the only player who can play at highest level from CAVS..

    as much as i like bron, i don't think he will win, but look at the bright side, James brought his team to finals in just 4 years, faster than Michael Jordan, and even without SCottie Pippen and Horace Grant....

    I already thought Lebron is one of the best players in NBA if not the best...

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