Will Compression socks work for foot pain?

I'm in a wheelchair and have complete feeling in my legs, but after I've been seated for a few hours my feet start to hurt.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do you have swelling in the legs? If so, trying to put on Jobst stockings can mess up the knees. I don't know how they get TED hose on! They'd be worse.

    There are cotton socks that are tighter across the arch, with elastic, if you can find them that I've heard do help (a nurse who used them).

    However, are the feet hurting due to lack of circulation? If you've had a sonogram of the deep veins in the leg, when they tell you to bend your ankle, you can hear a "swoosh", which is the sound of increased blood flow at the ankle.

    That being the case, remember to bend the ankles to raise and then extend the toes several times every so often, which will increase the circulation in the feet and may very well stop the hurting. Good luck!

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    You want the blood to flow the where it hurt's. Also try a heating pad. Maybe try a soak in Epsom salt.

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