I need a translation. What does "Du Hast" mean?

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    The only time people ask about "du hast" is concerning the rammstein song.

    In the rammstein song, they are mocking the marriage vows. They say "you have" as if from the marriage vows, but are using "Hate" because the words are so close together- and it's like a double meaning.

    In the context of the song, it's "you hate".. otherwise it's "you have"

    for the song, it means "you hate"

    You, you hate, you hate me

    (Yes, litterally it does mean 'you have" but the meaning for the song is "you hate")


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    "You have" in German, the informal version.

    Formal would be "Sie haben."

    "Du hasst" does mean "you hate."

    There's a difference in spelling.

    They use an "ess-tset" instead of the double S; it looks like a capital B with a long tail. I don't have one on my keyboard.

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    'you have' can be part of a question - such as 'have you?' or a statement 'you have' --- the DU is the German familar for 'You' so it would be used with someone you are close too.

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    ich habe - i have

    wir haben - we have

    du hast - you(informal) have

    ihr hat - you(informal plural)have

    er hat- he has

    es hat - it has

    sie hat - she has

    sie haben - they (third person) have

    Sie haben - you(formal) have

    sie haben - you (formal plural) have

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  • 1 decade ago

    it is german for You Have

  • 1 decade ago

    do you understand

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