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Can Lebanon's army uproot the militants?

Because of previous agreements, Lebanon's army cannot go into the refugee camps. Will they disregard the treaty and go into the camps to defeat the militants or will they inflict some damage and withdraw?

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    Lebanon would be stupid to acknowledge previous agreements, because every knows these insurgents have no honor!

    They will take every agreement and twist it to their advantage. They have a tradition, especially in Lebanon , to use human shields whenever and wherever they can. Why do you think they slither around in refugee camps . It's because these soulless slime don't really care about the Palestinians, they just need them as shields .

    This insurgency crap seems to be expanding around the globe. Taliban and al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan are stronger now than they were in 2001 ! In Somalia, the insurgents are getting their @sses kicked, but there too, their seems to be a rise in insurgent activity. Lebanon will most assuredly draw in Israel if this problem continues. Hopefully the Lebanon and Israeli governments will join together to defeat this Syrian initiated agenda.

    It's going to take some serious activity on the part of the country's involved, to rid themselves of this vermin, but to be completely successful, they must attack the heart of the problem, Iran an Syria, with Russia in the shadows.

    Russia is truly a dominant player in everything that is going on around the world. Two dangerous things that have come together in Russia, is it's new found wealth of natural resources and Vladimir Putin's paranoia.

    Russia is using it's natural resources as a hammer to reel in Western Europe, and the old Soviet states. It is hell bent to re-establish Russia as a superpower with the US as it's main target.

    With all that is going on around the world, Russia is the one country we need to stay closest to, not as friends but in keeping with the old godfather stategy, "stay close to your friends, but stay even closer to your enemies!"

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    The Lebanese Army will take the fight to the insurgents, now they (the Lebanese Government) are learning what type of snake has been nurtured in the bosom of Lebanon fed and supplied by Iran and Syria, who have always had ambitions in controlling Lebanon.

    In this day and age it is ridicules to have areas in ones country that are off limits to the Police, the Army, etc.. the camps should be evacuated and then raised to the ground.

    Even the Palestinians want nothing to do with this pack of wild foreign dogs, that are in the camps, and feed on the bones thrown from Damascus and Tehran.

    Source(s): UNIFIL Veteran of 1979 - 1980.
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