What military challenges has Israel faced since it creation?

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    Answer: Israel's self defense. It was famously a six-day war, and in varying guises the conflict has so far lasted another 40 years.

    For six days, beginning June 5, 1967, Israel battled Egypt, Jordan and Syria. As a result of the fighting, Israel won control of the Sinai desert, the Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

    The 1967 combatants unknowingly planted the seeds for much of what was to come: the rise of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, another all-out Arab-Israeli war in 1973, construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, a war in Lebanon.

    Chronology of Major Events in 40 Years of Middle East Conflict

    June 1967: Israel (45%), Palestinians (4%). Survey taken immediately before start of the 1967 war and during the conflict's first three days.

    October 1973: Israel (45%), Palestinians (5%). Survey conducted immediately before the start of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war and during the conflict's first three days

    October 1977: Israel (40%), Palestinians (9%). Egyptian President Anwar Sadat a few weeks from proposing to visit Israel.

    December 1977: Israel (37%), Palestinians (8%). After Sadat's November 1977 visit to Israel.

    March 1978: Israel (34%), Palestinians (10%). Palestinian guerillas kill 37 Israeli civilians. Israeli forces enter southern Lebanon.

    August 1978: Israel (37%), Palestinians (10%). Preparations underway for Camp David summit involving Israel, Egypt and U.S.

    November 1978: Israel (39%), Palestinians (13%). Camp David Accords signed by Israel, Egypt and U.S. in September.

    March 1979: Israel (37%), Palestinians (13%). Formal peace treaty signed by Israel and Egypt.

    April 1982: Israel (51%), Palestinians (12%). Israel completes withdrawal from the Sinai, returning territory to Egypt.

    June 1982: Israel (52%), Palestinians (10%). Israel invades Lebanon.

    July 1982: Israel (41%), Palestinians (12%). Israel besieges Beirut.

    September 1982: Israel (32%), Palestinians (28%). Fighting continues in Lebanon.

    October 1986: Israel (61%), Palestinians (10%). Likud Party leader Yitzhak Shamir replaces Labor Party's Shimon Peres as Israeli prime minister.

    May 1988: Israel (43%), Palestinians (20%). Palestinian uprising in its fifth month.

    December 1988: Israel (46%), Palestinians (24%). PLO declares independent Palestinian state, promises recognition of Israel.

    October 1990: Israel (42%), Palestinians (24%). Iraq invades Kuwait in August 1990.

    January 1991: Israel (64%), Palestinians (8%). Gulf War begins. Iraqi missiles strike Israel.

    March 1991: Israel (60%), Palestinians (17%). Gulf War ends in February.

    September 1993: Israel (42%), Palestinians (15%). Israel and PLO formally recognize each other. Jordan and Israel agree to negotiate.

    October 2000: Israel (41%), Palestinians (11%). Second Palestinian uprising begins.

    September 2001: Israel (40%), Palestinians (17%). Before 9/11 attacks.

    October 2005: Israel (43%), Palestinians (17%). Israeli withdrawal from Gaza completed.

    August 2006: Israel (52%), Palestinians (11%). Fighting between Israel and Hezbollah in

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    They have had a constant struggle because they were created as a Zionist state in the holy land. Most of Israeli people practice the Jewish faith, and they are mostly isolated in Israel while the other surrounding countries that also make up the holy land all practice religions such as Islam, Buddhism, etc. This causes constant problems, especially when they fight over what part of the holy land belongs to them and what part belongs to another country.

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    Constant Bombardment of Rockets.

    Until the Wall was built, constant bombardment of sucide bombers.

    Constant Kidnapping of Israeli Citizens

    Constant Criticism for even the slightest retaliation agains the "poor Palestinians"

    Constant threats of annihilation.

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    They had wars with Arabs and many times with Lebenon and attacked to Syria and Jordan and captured alot of lands from them.They had wars with Eygpt and Hezbollah

    Hmmm ... Isreal is habited to kill innocent PAlestinian that have stones in their hand and not a clean water to drink nor ....

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    I can't think of any. They have often received military aid from Western countries, they have nuclear capabilities unlike their neighbors, they have the United States to excuse whatever they wish to do.

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