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Can rabbits really die of fright?

A rabbit was bitten by a cat in my backyard. The wounds were small and didn't look serious. I put him in a box with a towel and gave him lettuce, but he died in the night. A pet shelter told me he probably died from fright. Is this possible?

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    Sorry to hear about your loss. Yes, it is possible that your rabbit could've died of a heart attack. When a rabbit is truly frightened, they can have a heart attack and die. Because your rabbit was attacked by a cat, he was probably very scared and paranoid that he scared himself into a heart attack.

    On the other hand, it is possible that your rabbit died because when it was attacked by the cat, he was thrashing around in terror that he may have broken his own back and died.

    Hang in there and best wishes.

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    He died because of the small wound. Or there could have been fracture in his body.

    A rabbit could die of fright, but on your case, the rabbit died of the wound he had.

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    Actually cat bites are very dirty, even for people. He could have gotten sick from some bacteria in the saliva.

    Rabbit can definately die of fright, but unless he was scared and freaking out when you put him in the box, that seems unlikely. Unless he was scared during the night.

    He might have just had an underlying sickness to begin with and stress brought it out.

    **PS: Don't worry about the lettuce.. it wouldn't have killed him. Iceberg lettuce can give them diarrhea, that's about it. Romaine lettuce is actually really good for them and I give my buns heaps a day. It wouldn't kill him like that.

    Source(s): Over 20 rabbits and like 12 years experience.
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    I have heard of wild rabits dying from fright but never a pet rabit. Lettuce may also be the culprit.

    There is also a third option. If the cat's mouth pierced any skin that may have killed him. Cats have an enzyme in thier spit, similar to a venom if you will, that kills most small animals in a day or less.

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    it mite be the wounds they mite not look like much but it could have been serious.also if he did die from fright he would have died when the cat bitten him cos that would be the frightful bit but well done on trying to save his life you did your bestxxxx

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    Rabbits are prone to stress-related deaths. Their hearts can only handle so much. I've seen a rabbit fall into a coma, due to stress (had to be euthanized, because the chance of him coming out of the coma was nearly non-existant).

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    Many animals get worried whilst they're being dealt with lots or holiday on planes. There are loads of animals that holiday on planes standard and that they do no longer enable them to holiday with the passengers generally. Pets are utilized in movies, television classified ads, shown at shows, used to help blind human beings, etc. To me that would not sound cruel except she knew her rabbit did undesirable on planes and in front of persons.

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    Of course not! He died because of that wound you should have brought him to the vet for medications. No one can die because of fright.

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    fright or the lettuce, they can't digest it correctly so that may have killed him. Also it is possible for them to die of fright, or rather a heart attack.

    Source(s): rabbit raiser that lost one after a day to heart attack becasue it met my dog
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    Yes they can. Rabbits, although domesticated, are animals with instincts. The trauma from the attack scared the poor bunny so badly that it elevated his heart rate to a dangerous level....causing him to actually have a heart attack. Poor thing.

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