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Ok I have purchased my X Box 360 2 months ago. Im not a racist indivdual. Actually, I have plenty of friends from various races. But whenever I'm enjoying myself on X Box Live there seems to be alot of racial slurs (*****/*****/) that are stated by other Gamers that I fell as an African- American to be very offensive/rude/injustice. The Microsoft file complaints are not preventing this problem. The real Gamers that want to play online without having to worry about getting in a argument over race are very angry of this situation. Is there anyway to contact Microsoft about situations like this and how they are investigating these conversations through X Box Live. And have you ever encountered this problem? How did you handle this problem? Or are you apart of this problem? Why?why? Why?

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    It's a common problem, and XBL knows this, so supposedly there are hunters out there who's job is to catch people doing this type of stuff and banned/suspend them. You can report them or just put them on your ignore list. Or better yet, don't use the headset. I've never encountered this problem because I don't use my headset, so they're just talking to deaf ears. Once they realize that nobody is paying any attention to them, they'll just go away. That's what trolls do.

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    I have had the same problem playing xbox live and psp. People as young as 8 using the same terms and words. Unfortunately after contacting Microsoft tech support and Sony both have stated that "the freedom of speech has no restriction on they're platforms, we as a company sell the product, we do not moderate it".

    I know you're not supposd to take the content in chat seriously but when it becomes this big, at this level, I can't see what good live chat is in a game. It just makes people more aggressive and offended, some people I know have actually gone to bigger lengths to get revenge and hack those who've made comments or beat them in a game.

    I choose not to be a part of this problem, and since the companies who provide the service obviosly wont adress it as an issue I simply dont plaly psp online anymore, and mute all my online xbox games. Some people enjoy the interaction but I personally cant stand it.

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    ok most of the people saying that are just joking and you really shouldnt take them serious unless they are really acting like they are hating on people. but if enough people file compliants then microsoft will ban a person but there has to be a lot of complaints because i know ive gottne complaints because i have beaten kids like 50 zip on halo 2 and if microsoft banned people for like 5 comlaints everyone would be banned

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    Yea... Loosen up...dont take them seriously... If u cant handle it, dont play or use MUTE. Join in on the trash talkin and use those slurs... the tingling sensation in ur mouth will get u used to it. Remember... They are just words. If u dont know the person, u shouldn't get upset, no one is infringing on ur rights, just u and ur censorship

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