17 years old and 14 weeks pregnant?

Hey everyone before you read this dont judge me becasue i got pregnant ON BIRTH CONTROL and refuse to get an abortion becuz THATS MURDER.

I have been under stress lately, me and my bf have issues, my pregnancy is high risks due to my outstanding health issues and FUKING herpes!, my uncle/father figure was found dead in the bathroom a month ago, and i still havent lost my baby, i feel so good, i got ultrasound pics of my baby last week and i look at them everyday, its beautiful and it has pushed me to stay stress free, eat healthy, and get my self together to take of my precious baby.

am i too young to feel this way?

i love being pregnant, i love my baby, i think its an honor for GOD to bless you with a child, even though i am young i plan to raise my baby the right way. AND MAKE SURE MY BABY HAS BOTH MOM AND DAD TOGETHER IN LOVE, not like i had when i was baby, no mother and a sick dad.

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    First of all, God bless you for already making the choice to keep your baby!! :o)

    I do not think you are too young to be feeling this way..I was 17 and pregnant and I went through a lot too. Not as much as you, but I did....I had 3 nervous break downs when I was pregnant and I thought for sure I was hurting the baby, but she is a healthy 4 year old now! :o)

    and I think that if you feel strong enough to be able to say that Gob has blessed you with this baby, then you'll be just fine!! Now let me just say this: It is so awesome that you want to raise your baby the right way, but just make sure that your bf feels the same way. You can want to stick out this relationship as much as possible, but he may not feel the same way. I hope he does...but just keep in mind that if he decides to be a father, but not be with you..that's still ok. You sound like a very strong young woman, who is going to be a good mother...just don't lose sight of your faith!

    congrats!! and God bless you!!

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    Sweetheart, it's important now that you get good prenatal care. Your doctor or midwife cannot disclose your pregnancy to anyone, by law. So you are protected there. However it concerns me that you haven't told your parents. They love you and in spite of whether or not their reaction will be negative, they love you. Becoming a mother is no longer about yourself anymore, but the health and well being and life of another person-your baby. To answer your question about bleeding, sometimes bleeding is normal during pregnancy, however because you have yet to see a caregiver, I'm more concerned for you. I have a 17 year old son, and I am giving you the same advice I'd give anyone at your age. Good luck and God Bless

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    I feel like that too. I am 16 and my baby's due in January. I can't wait, I love it so much already. I love being pregnant and I really don't care what people think of me. Some rotton girl on yahooanswers wrote to me saying all of these horrible things because I'm pregnant, but I hate how people judge without knowing the whole story. You sound like you've had a rough life, at least the last couple of months, so if you feel you need someone to talk to, I'd be more than happy to, just as long as you're not like that other rotton girl(which I'm sure you're not cause you're pregnant too)

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    I am 17 years old and 23 weeks pregnant. Its not exactly the best age to be having a baby and its very difficult stress wise, but we are already having the baby so there is no reason why we shouldn't be happy and enjoy our pregnancy and our beautiful babies just like ladies that are having them in their 30s. As far as stayin in love, everyone wants to stay together for the babies sake but if its causes you stress and really isn't healthy then its better to be seperated. Just stay healthy and show your baby lots of love.

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    no your not to young to feel that way bringing a baby into the world is a wonderful experience regardless of age i got pregnant with my first child when i was 18 so i no what ur going through u have been through alot in your life and i hope everything get better for you but if looking at your ultrasound pictures makes you relax and puts you in a better place look at them all day long CONGRATULATIONS!!

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    I am very sorry about your personal problems. I was in you shoes 17 years ago (the baby part). Everything worked out with my child. She is an honor student and is hard worker. Although I am divorced from her mother. Things are good. God Bless

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    Abortion isn't murder until the baby actually forms, all at first when they tell you your pregnant is when the cells fuse together and form chromosomes for the child, thus the child don't have a brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. (all it is is small atoms & cells.) 14 weeks is too far in birth for abortion though. The baby will make your boy friend leave it is sure thing if your fighting WHILE pregnant just think how he will be when he actually gets responsibility, so stop trying so hard to please him. No need for a mother and father if they going to fight all the time, better to cut the dad out right now unless you know he can change. (Just my opinion hope I helped you.)

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    that's great! i had my first at 16 and i admit i wasn't always the best mom, at first maybe. but there were times when i wasn't there that my mom had to take over for me his father is in his life but we aren't together, i was Young when i had him and thought i was ready but i defiantly was not i wasn't done being a kid and going out when i wanted too things are differant now, though im 22 and have 2 boys and enjoy being with them i got partying out of my system. if you think you are ready to take care of a baby then thats wonderful b/c it is hard but stick with it or you will regret the time you lost!

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    I was 19 when I got preg with my oldest, I was scared and didnt think I could raise the baby with out his father. You see me and the father had only been together about 1 week and got pregnant the 1st time we had sex. I am still with his father and love him and both of our children dearly, But you dont have to stay with the father for the baby my parents were married for 27 yrs and stayed together for the kids and that was the worst thing they could have done!! Dont stay with him just bc you think you cant find someone who will love you and the baby bc you will!

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    You are right. Being a mother is a gift from God. Regardless of your age...a mother does what she needs to do to take care of her child. It is okay to love your baby before you meet him/her. Our power to love so openly is what makes women special. I was 22 when I had my first but being a mother is the greatest job in life.

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