home staging company?? good idea???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A home stager is a great idea. Of course, I offer that service as part of my interior decorating firm, so I would say that. There is a great article in the June issue of Home magazine about it. The cost of home staging is less than the first reduction in price.

    In the alternative you can do as AllDecor suggested and just get a consultation.

    If you really wanted to do this yourself, I would suggest getting a friend whose opinion you trust and have them give you an objective opinion of your home - from the curb all the way through the house. This is the good thing about a home stager. They will give you the truth, without offending you, from the perspective of a buyer.

    Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is a good idea, but I would look up info on it to do it yourself. It may just cost you a few candles and some cheap generic decorations from TJ Max.


    Home staged for resale - NurseryMany techniques are used to stage a property. De-cluttering, depersonalizing, updating old or unattractive fixtures, painting, furniture rearrangement, rental furniture and accessorizing are just some of the changes used to make a home more inviting to potential buyers.

    Since a typical home buyer decides if they are attracted to a home or not in the first 8 seconds of seeing it[citation needed], curb appeal is generally viewed as a vital aspect of the staging process. Therefore, curb appeal, the practice of improving a home’s exterior appeal, is used alongside interior improvements.

    It has been shown[citation needed] that homes containing furniture and accessories sell more quickly than vacant homes, because the potential buyers realize what can actually be done with the place. They may realize that the room is actually a lot larger than it would look without furnishings. Rental of furniture and decorative accessories is a common solution when selling brand new properties that have never been occupied, or those where homeowners have already vacated the property.

    Spaciousness and light often determine the success of a staged home. Typically, the larger a room appears, the better it will seem to homebuyers. Dark, tight spaces create a poor impression and may prevent the home from selling. Furniture layouts should create an impression of openness and comfort. Non-essential items should be removed to minimize crowding and clutter. Opening curtains and blinds to let in natural light and turning on interior and exterior lights at nighttime are also common staging techniques.

    One school of thought suggests that wall treatments and flooring are most appealing when presented in neutral colors and subtle patterns. Paint colors should be neutral whenever possible, as bright or bold colors and strong patterns detract from the universal appeal of a space. This rule, however, does not always hold true, particularly in the luxury home market, where unique fixtures and bold finishes — such as stained concrete flooring, deeply colored textured paints and artisan fixtures — are often considered highly desirable. [1]

    Religious items, personal photos, awards, certificates and cultural items are often removed to downplay the presence of current homeowners. This helps potential homebuyers to not only feel more at ease during viewings, but allows them to focus on the property itself while also imagining their own belongings in the space.



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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes Home Staging is a GREAT IDEA!!!!

    Being a home stager I can tell you it works. I just staged a home which sold in one week for over asking..it works. But remember you need to price your home at market value and have it Staged for it's target market.


    Sometimes it is hard for a homeowner to know what should be done to their home to sell it. Definitely do your research. There are different kinds of Stagers that offer different services. If you want to stage your home yourself? Find a Stager in your area, and pay for Consultation only...between $150-$300. It is worth it. If you want to do the work yourself make sure the Stager will tell you everything you want and need to know. Staging is more than clutter control....Paint colour, furniture arrangement, repairs/updates (plumbing, lighting, flooring), costs to update items, de-cluttering, organizing, storage solutions, how to accent selling features, bedding, window covering options, curb appeal options, tips for showings, etc. Again research is key.

    If you can afford to have your home Staged professionally... you will see the difference and see a higher return.

    We have more staging tips on our website.

    Good luck with a successful and profitable sale!

    Source(s): ALLDECOR Home Staging (Toronto Area, Canada) www.AlldecorHS.com contactus@AlldecorHS.com
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