Why the University of Michigan?

I've been thinking about studying Industrial Design. What can the U of M offer? How is the campus?

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    1 decade ago
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    I'm not sure how it can help you in your major...but one thing i do know is that U of M is amazing. if you don't live in michigan allready you will love it. i live in texas but ive been thinking of going to michigan for college because alot of my family goes there so i went to the graduation and took a college tour sort of. its so big and the campus is just incredible. plus it's in ann arbor which is one of the most college student friendly cities in the world. i really recomend michigan. its an amazing state and the college has it all. email me if you have more questions! hope i helped!

  • i went there for 2 semesters then transfered somewhere else cause the classes were too boring and the ratings on ratemyprofessors.com were all messed up and inaccurate. i dunno about the industrial design major though.

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