How do I find medical grants or a non-profit agency that would pay for me to receive intense physical therapy?

I have an incurable disease that affects my spinal cord. This disease has affected my ability to walk and stand for any length of time. With physical therapy, I can regain my ability to walk and stand.


I am trying to find a grant that will supplement my insurance. I am diagnosed withh CNS Vasculitis. My insurance will not pay for the type of physical therapy that I need.

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    1 decade ago
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    Edit- here is a link for people with disabilities in general.. (new horizons organization..for people with disabilities) (frequently asked questions about disability help)

    You don't say what the disease is that limits the specifics of the answers...but you could try medicaid or social security disability...

    How to apply for Medicaid or medicare (help with problems with Medicare part D) (medicare and Medicaid page)

    Medicare (Medicare) (Medicare prescription info) (Medicare resource link list by state)

    For information about Medicaid, contact your local social service or welfare office. You can also find information about Medicare and Medicaid at

    For information about Social Security, Medicare, and disability benefits, call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213. (filing Social security disability online) (SSDI) E -mail:

    This organization provides information, publications, and workshops on Social Security Disability issues. (disability resource links) (disability info)

    Also you could try this website for clinical trials for your disease...just put in the name of your disease and hit the map button to find local trials..don't forget to turn pages..

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    1 decade ago

    If you have no insurance and are low income, then you need to contact your county's department of social services. This is what you pay taxes for---they will help you get the physical therapy you need.

    Good luck.

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