what are add-ons?

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  • Pete
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    Add-Ons can be different for many programs. I know Firefox uses Add-Ons. They apply to extensions or themes for your browser. Extensions are added functionality to your Firefox browser. For example, you can get weather information posted on the very bottom of your browser border or you can get notified when you have new email with google gmail. Themes are just how your browser looks and functions visually. You can change the color, icons, location or layout, and other aspects of your browser with themes.

    Themes and extensions can be downloaded into Firefox. Extensions are applied when you restart the browser. Themes must be selected and then they will be seen when Firefox restarts.

  • MLM
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    1 decade ago

    Add-ons are generally Browser Helper Objects (such as Adobe Reader to read .pdf files posted on the internet) or Active X controls (Such as Shockwave Flash to play media content on some webpages). Some add-ons are malicious though and install themselves unknowingly to the user.

    You can see you IE browser Add-ons by going to Tools, Manage Add-ons

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    If you have Firefox check out:


    They're little additons to your browser you can download and use. For instance, I have one called "Forecast Fox" which displays weather forcasts in the status bar at the bottom of Firefox. But there are all sorts of others for a very wide variety of purposes.

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    Addons are programs that add functuallity to your browser etc.

    Some are for sound





    Source(s): IE 7 has many addons available to you, Look under tools and then "Manage addons
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