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Will he (juvenile) go to jail/detention center?

have just consulted a friend in law enforcement about a case regarding my stepson (14 years old) and him using 40 fake (counterfeit) bus tickets that were used to go and come back from school. The value in all was $60. According to her, this is a class c felony in my state (utter forgery). However, when I asked about the possible punishment, i didn't receive much of an answer because she said that she wouldn't hazard a guess. This is his first and LAST offense and he is pretty a good student (straight A's normally). And he is remorseful. He was caught by a bus driver using them 2 months ago (of course, i didn't out until weeks later), so i don't know whether charges were pressed. There were survelliance cameras on the bus (so they will most likely identify him) and not to mention his fingerprints. What are his chances of being sent to a juvenile detention center or probation? He is planning of pleading guilty, but i think its best that we consult an attorney. thnx


unfortunately, the county i live in has such a crime rate (2st in the state) especially among juveniles, that i doubt that the judge will be lenient and problem is that there are no plea bargains for juvenile in this county

Update 2:

i should mention that he intentionally counterfeitted them

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    it'll all depend on the juvenile court judge's opinion of what will straighten up your son; at least that's my guess.

    Not knowing anything about your location nor the j.v. judges there, you could have any kind of judge at all -- harsh, soft, fatherly, bleeding, etc.

    Still, I'd say that $60 value isn't much of a 'felony'.

    "Uttering a forged document" is usually a crime in which hundreds or thousands of dollars are stolen by counterfeiting (for example) payroll checks or Cashier's Checks [a currently popular scam].

    Threatening a 14 year old with "uttering" and a felony charge is most likely bluster on the part of the officer. I can't see a j.v. judge jailing a 14 year old for that when s/he knows that the j.v. slammer is full of violent criminals and drug sellers.

    Alas, judges have been harsh before and seemingly without reason.


    When you find out which judge will hear the case, ask around the courthouse about her/his reputation. If it isn't "hang 'em high", I think I'd be inclined to forego hiring an attorney and just make a deal with the State's Attorney to plead guilty to a non-felony charge. [Talk with them in advance about it.]

    Assuming, of course, that your son actually is remorseful and will be seen that way in court. [Stone faced stoicism likely won't go over well.]


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    Normally where I live, when you get caught doing something illegal you'll spend a few days in jail and probably go on some probation for a while - then have the charges expunged from your record.

    What he did was wrong, he needs to receive some punishment. Just because he gets good grades it doesn't give him the right to break the law. Where did he get the bus tickets in the first place? Friends from school?

    He's not a child either - he needs to learn his lesson or he'll continue to break the law or do something bad and he'll always say, "Well, I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to."

    Get an attorney.

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    Alot of things need to be taken into consideration here. Ok I know he forged on purpose but did he really know the severity of what he was doing? You NEED to get an attorney for him. Not a court appointed one either, remember they work for the state too. Even if his juvenile record ends up being sealed when he is an adult, he doesnt want to have that on his record. $60 is not a large sum of money and a good attorney should be able to help you. Oh yeah...DO NOT EVER plead guilty to something without an attorney! Know all your options before making a move.

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    I would definately consult a lawyer.In any circumsatnce of fraud or forgery, you are possibly looking at some type of punishment. Now it may just be as simple as some time on probation, and restitution, but it could also be up to 90days in detention. I am not sure as to what state u live in but I would definately consult legal counsel. Its always better to have your options up front before then to go to court and get hit with a hard sentence.Most courts take in consideration the past history of the child. But being he was defrauding the state they may be hard on him. Please contact a lawyer.Good luck to your son and yourself.

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    I am not an attorney and I am no longer a cop----------if something like this does end up in the courts it will be up to the "Judge" to determine what will take place.

    Get an attorney. Do nOT allow him to plead ANYTHING-let your Attorney handle all of the details.

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    1 decade ago are such a won't be his last time breaking the law. I'm not saying that he'll be a hard criminal but it's pretty blind of you to make the statement that it's his "last".

    I don't think he'll get locked up, if he doesn't have a history, he should only get probation.

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    First offense, non-violent crime, with remorse, and otherwise a good kid...probation.

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    No he won't go to jail. he would be given very mild punishment maximum he would be sent to reformatory home or asked to do community service at some place

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    Here in UK, it would simply be a fine as it is a very minor offense that should really be classed (in US) as a misdemeanor

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    speak with an attorney

    I can't imagine making a big deal of something like this when much greater crimes are ignored all the time

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