taylor hicks song in this year american idol???

what is the song that taylor hicks performed in this year's american idol?

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    You have a good answer already.....

    And also an odd one regarding the size of Mr. Hick's genitals ? !

    Maybe SOGGYBOTTOM will let us know why he's so interested in another man's genitals...

    And, also, how he came by such "inside" information?

    Which stands in direct contrast to what women who've known Mr. Hicks intimately are NOT hesitant to speak of.

    ANYWAY...I want to respond because there're people who'll give you sad, sick responses born out of their own mental & emotional illnesses.

    You shouldn't hesitate to report them for abuse just because they're not normal. Lots of kids use this site---including mine...

    And Yahoo depends on the sane & sober among us to report the twisted minds who also lurk here.

    OKAY . . . in the finale of AI season 6---yes, Taylor Hicks sang HEAVEN KNOWS off his CD, "Taylor Hicks"

    Then a song by the Beatles

    If you don't have a copy of his album, you owe it to yourself to get one.

    OR . . . you can hear a lot of his songs online at sites I'll list below.

    If you can't afford the album........holler back at us........

    There's a group of fans who buy albums & concert tickets for those who want them but are short on cash.

    Hey, man . . . don't let anyone shame you about liking Taylor Hicks' music, ya hear me?

    I mean, the guy supported himself & an entire band (LiMBO) playing upscale Frat parties for years . . .

    Ya think those Jocks apologized when they collected the dues to pay Hicks/LiMBO?

    Hell, no-!

    They RAISED whatever cash it took to be able to afford LiMBO & Hicks.

    Because they were and are SO friggin' GOOD-

    Finally . . . true story . . .

    Taylor Hicks is the ONLY guy the managers of Ray Charles' estate have EVER called . . .

    Picked up in Ray's Limo . . .

    Taken to Ray's house & studio for a personal tour . . .

    Offered him access to record in Ray's studio when he chooses . . .

    Gave him a pair of gold cuff links/sunglasses Ray reserved for special friends . . .

    THEN . . .

    Invited him to take his pick of any one of Ray Charles's famous sport coat collection:

    The first one TH tried on fit perfectly . . . and included cough-drops Ray favored in the pocket . . .

    Which Hicks has to this day . . .

    If you haven't been to a Taylor Hicks concert......You gotta go, man...

    He levitates every place he plays for two solid hours of soul & blue and his own blend called whomp-swamp music . . .

    Anywhere else in the Universe, that kinda rush is NOT even legal . . .

    Dave Matthews-humble founder of Taylorsway@yahoogroups.com

    Source(s): www.myspace.com-taylorhicks www.therealdeal.com taylorsway@yahoogroups.com YouTube videos of Taylor Hicks SendSpace: search Taylor Hicks www.whompswamp.com www.tay-online.com
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  • 1 decade ago

    There's two, and hopefully the ones you're talking about is in the Finale.

    The first one would be when he performed solo, which is his own song, "Heaven Knows"





    Youtube thumbnail

    Then the part when the songs switches off as the past Idols introduce each other, like after Kelly Clarkson introduced Taylor Hicks, that was "A Day in the Life"...I believe that's the part when he uses the harmonica



    Video (where you see all the Idols):


    Youtube thumbnail

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  • 1 decade ago

    I watched the whole season except the result shows sorry

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the song is, my d*ck is little

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