Best closers out of this bunch (Baseball wise and Fantasy Baseball wise)?

Rank in a list in order of goodness(Categories: Saves, Saves/Save Opportunities, ERA, WHIP):

Matt Capps from the Pittsburgh Pirates (newly installed as closer)

Kevin Gregg from the Florida Marlins

Brad Hennessey from the San Francisco Giants (also newly installed as closer)

Eric Gagne from the Texas Rangers

Dan Wheeler from the Houston Astros

**** Also, take in mind how good the team is and their productivity as a closer can be partially affected by their team's winning/losing******


and which one is the most valuable

Most importantly, i can chose one out of the lot, which one should it be

Update 2:

Basically at this point its between Capps, Gagne and Wheeler. my 2 favorite are capps and gagne, but which one out of all these, input please!!

Update 3:

between Gagne and Capps- comes to the question almost who has the team thats better and going to have more wins- Rangers or Pirates.

Update 4:

OUT OF THIS BUNCH, not like papelbon, K-rod and all those, i just need to know out of the available ones, which one to keep

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    Capps should be the guy since Gagne will go back to the DL pretty soon. None of the teams will have that many wins, but I think Gregg and Hennessey will have the most save oppurtunities as those teams have the most wins. If you want Wheeler, he won't be closer anymore so he's not a good pickup (Lidge got his job back).

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    if you are talking just these 5 closers than you have to go...

    1. Kevin Gregg- he will get plenty of save oppurtunities

    2. Matt Capps- He has a low era and if he gets as many oppurtunities as Solomon Torres did he will be great for your team

    3. Brad Hennessey- Just as with Capps, he wont blow saves like Benitez did.

    4. Dan Wheeler- He might not be closer for much longer so caution with him.

    5. Eric Gagne- You never know with him.

    The top 5 closers in the league though are.

    1. Jonathan Papelbon

    2. Francisco Rodriguez

    3. Francisco Cordero

    4. Joe Nathan

    5. Takashi Saito

  • Ryan K
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    The thing I absolutely love about Capps is his control. He comes right at hitters and makes them have to swing. Because of that he has a very low WHIP as well as ERA. That's why I'd go with him just barely over Gagne. Also, the Pirates are not a dominate hitting team, so whenever they are in a situation to get a win, it will almost always be a save situation.

    Take care though if you acquire him. He meets this weekend to appeal his 4-game suspension for an intentional bean ball. (His command is too good, so everybody knew he was throwing at the guy!) If he loses that appeal, I'm pretty sure he'd have to serve that suspension right away, so Torres could very well be back at closer for as many as four games starting this weekend vs. the Yankees.

  • Wheels
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    1 decade ago

    I would take Gregg. He's been doing the job well for a few weeks.

    Capps and Hennessey are unproven. Gagne can't stay healthy. Wheeler has been terrible for the last 10 days.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Papelbon is the best in the league.

    Then, Gagne,

    then, wheeler,

    Then, Gregg

    Then Hennessey

    last capps

  • 1 decade ago

    Are you crazy? Where is Valverde and F-Cord? They are carrying my teams!

  • Anonymous
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    mariano "mo" "sandman" rivera

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