is there any naruto online game aside from naruto arena??

im wondering if there is a naruto online game and its features or graphics and gameplay is like ragnarok or any other 3d online games...

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    1 decade ago
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    You can go at this site these guys create an MMORPG 3D naruto game but unfortunately the game isn't up yet you have to wait.

  • 4 years ago

    Well according to the latest release of the manga there is a chance they may be related in some way. Madara (Tobi) finds the location of Nagato's body. And says the following verbatim "Look at you, you overexerted your powers so much that the uzumaki clan's trade-mark red hair turned snow white." This could suggest a bloodline relation between Naruto and Nagato. Depicting their ages it could very well be an Uncle and Nephew relationship or something along those lines. However, it still stands that Madara specifically stated the uzumaki clans trade-mark hair, and we all know he had red hair. Take it for what its worth~

  • lol you gotta promise me your over 18 to play this game go to

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