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blocked lacrimal(tear)duct?

has anyone out there dealt with this before. it has just happened and i have tried hot compress and massaging to no avail. any other ideas .

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    A visit to your local Emergency Department.

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    my daughter has a blocked lacrimal duct, she tears up pretty easily. She has had a procedure done where the duct is probed and that usually clears it up, in her case it returned, we are now in the process of heating and massaging, it is starting to get better (after quite some time). If it doesn't get better there is a more invasive procedure where a bar is placed in the duct for a period of time, then is later removed, this is supposed to relax the muscles that are closing the duct off. My son also had leaky eyes and he eventually grew out of it, but if you are older, I would suggest seeing a doctor about having it probed.

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    Naso-Lacrimal Duct Obstruction (NLDO) has several causes and can either be total, partial or intermittent. For pediatric cases, these are sometimes easily corrected (as was already mentioned) with simple probing, but for adults, a dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) is usually needed to improve drainage.

    There are several ways to do a DCR (which in essence is a bypass procedure for the tear drainage), but the easiest and most comfortable way for the patient is to do it endoscopically and with lasers. This would involve no cutting on the skin.

    However, it has been reported in the past that laser endoscopic DCR has a slightly higher failure rate than classical DCR (with incisions on the skin), but recent literature states otherwise.

    It would be best to discuss this at length with your ophthalmologist.

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    What is blocking it?

    A sinus infection can easily spread to the eye. and create serious damage including blindness, loss of balance loss of hearing, and a host of other problems.

    It begins with tears running down your face, if you eye gets red, get some help fast, an Opthamologist.

    anti biotics for the eyes , and a ear nose throat specialist, for the sinuses.

    If your eye getsred get help fast,

  • hot compress....


    go for surgery dacrocystorhinostomy ..or dacryocystectomy...

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