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Does Brian Cashman have a bad track record regarding pitching?

I hear people say that Brian Cashman, has made bad decisions signing and trading for pitchers, and this has been the reason they have not won a world series since 2000, and choked in the playoffs in '04, '05, and '06.

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    Well, here are a few of his moves, or mis-moves.

    In 2003, when Andy Pettite went free agent, Cashman did not really try to keep Pettitte from going to Houston. Now, Pettite came back, but this was after injuring his arm a few times, and he was not the same Pettite who won the world serieses for the Yankees.

    To correct Pettite, the Yankees brought in Carl Pavano and Randy Johnson. Johnson has no affinity for New York, and while he won a few games, never won a big one and then got hurt. Pavano will end up a total bust pitching not even half a season's worth of games.

    Cashman is currently trying a strategy of easing in some of their best minor league pitching- Philip Hughes, Tyler Clippard, Matt DeSalvo, etc. However, so far all of these guys have been so green, they are not the answer.

    What Cashman should have done was paid what it took to brinig in Matusaka. Maybe Dice-K is not the be all and end all, but he's probably better than Petitte, Clemens, and any of the Yankee youngsters ruining the back of their rotation right now.

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    Yes!!! I am a Yankee fan but I have to admit that Cashman is an idiot when it comes to pitching. He loads up on hitters, but forgets the most important part of a team. He payed millions of dollars for Igawa only to put him in the minor leagues. He made the worst decision by signing Pavano for 4 years 40 million dollars. Pavano only pitched a few times during that whole 4 years, and now he is ending his Yankee career (thank God) because he wants to get surgery. WHen he signed Randy Johnson a few years ago that was also a bad decision because everyone knew that his stuff was not the same as it had been 15 years ago. The only good move he made is bringing the rocket back. I can't wait to see how he does!!!

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    The Yankees over the last decade have filled their pitching needs via free agency

    How many FA pitchers are stars? The great ones in their prime never reach free agency?

    Who was the best FA pitcher in 2006? Barry Zito. Gil Meche was #2.

    Mussina was passed his prime when the Yankees got him, Pavano had 1good year, etc etc

    Free Agent market and starting pitching isn't the best move.

    You get a great pitching rotation either by trade or your own farm system.

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    Actually, he doesnt. Most of the pitching moves made over the last decade were not his. This season, he made some questionable deals...signing Mussina for one and the deal for Igawa...but you have to consider the available pitchers. He did get some great young arms into the system, and that should pay off in the future. People who dont understand the game of baseball base progress on who won the last game. People who understand the game know that building for the future is as important as winning today.

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