girls, am i at least almost average looking (1-10 scale)?

1 being the lowest, 10 highest....have had social anxiety all my life, very low self esteem, and recently started getting panic attacks from finishing 1st yr of college, so i would just like honest opinions to maybe boost my self esteem, since i have no clue what girls look for in guys... i am 19 yrs old, 5'6 and look like a pencil neck (110 lbs), so i'm afraid that does a bit of harm, but please take that into consideration as well... please be honest i would really appreciate it!

... btw a much needed haircut is in order


Wow, I'm really surprised, but thanks a lot... someone asked for an update so I'll try to keep it somewhat brief. Most likely the hair will be all shaved off, probably in a week or so, unless there are better suggestions. Personality wise, I am extremely quiet due to parents keeping my sheltered, but other than that I dont drink, smoke, etc, and I never plan to do so. I am overly polite, which is a big problem. I've never had a girlfriend and haven't been interested in having one in 5 years or so. I would really like to gain weight, but I am a XC runner peaking at 80-90 miles a week, so my weight has suffered as a result.

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    you're cute. Don't get your haircut! I like it!

    Just work on your confidence and you'll be fine

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    You know what? Go get that haircut! You look like you have a great shaped face and a nice smile, good personality, but you are hidden behind a big mop of hair. Go for something trendy. Look in the magazines at the hair salon (not barber/butcher.) Ask your hairdresser to help you make a choice best suited for your face shape. You have fabulous potential.....get a haircut and come back and post it on photo bucket. Your a 10 waiting to be revealed. Good luck and god bless.

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    You are really cute. I'd rate you probably about a 8. You have no need to have low self esteem. The only thing I'd suggest would be a haircut and to gain some weight. :)

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    ok, i will rate u a ten. let me tell you why. you have exotic features that are intruiging and make you unique. exotic is good by the way. every girl has different tastes. some prefer the average face while others love the prince charming look. i prefer the average face. studies show that the average face is always rated higher in attractiveness. you are attractive in my opinion. do what you think will make you attractive, and think positively, because it will project on to your outward appearance. i have seen some hideous guys that were considered gorgeous by groups of girls, and i still dont understand it, lol. hope this helped u out.

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    ur cute. your right a hair cut is much needed but you have a nice smile. keep in mind girls dig confidence, humor and style just be yourself. If its one thing that turns girls off is a timid unsure guy..maybe that is the repellent not necessarily your looks. Its not always the outside that gets the chick just think about Jay-z that dude is out right ugly and looks like a camel but he got a gorgeous girl Beyonce. and listening to his interviews i can already tell he is a down to earth dude with charm and a sense of humor (and cash but thats off the topic) keep the tip and give us an update.

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    1 decade ago

    Ignore the first answer. Your smile is great and yes, you do need a haircut. I think without all that hair covering up your handsome face you would be an 8. Get it razored and thinnned! Just to where it is flippy! I think that would look great on you!

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    1 decade ago

    You have a beautiful smile:) Hair cut is in order! I would say a 7 but shining personality can make you a 10!!!!

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    aww you look cute. I think if you cut your hair a bit or at least tame it your handsomeness will really come out. you have a nice smile! girls dig guys with a sense of humor and confidence. not overly confident that they are jerks though. so good luck and dont worry i know youll find a cool girl soon!

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    Really cute. I'd give 8.5 at least. I actually LOVE your hair! And your nose as well. Cute smile too.

    I can't believe your social anxiety is because of your looks, because you're adorable. You sound incredibly sweet as well.

    I hope you feel better soon. *hug*

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    You are OK, what is the problem? I do not see a monster! Relax! You are just fine. I will give you and 8 due the hair and the attitude. You do not have to cut it too short just get a trim.

    You have all: Tall, slim, cute!!


  • 1 decade ago

    your smile is great

    as said before you could use a haircut

    you look like a really nice guy

    just try to have confidence in your self, and that will show.

    deff a 8.5

    Live Love Laugh

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