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Do UC schools care more about your overall high school GPA or your 10th-11th grades?

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    They care more about your grades during your 10th and 11th grade years. Your freshman GPA is not calculated into your GPA when you apply.

    Wherever you apply, all schools will scrutinize your grade trends and performance in courses taken during these years. Ideally, they would like to see strong grades in all courses. To be a competitive candidate, take as many AP courses as you can handle and do very well in them.

    And, yes, UCs DO look at your senior year course list and all grades from your first semester. Advice: don't succumb to senior-itis! The admissions committee *will* notice if your performance is unsatisfactory, and your acceptance may be rescinded.

    If, in the end, your performance is not UC caliber, the world is far from over. Do not underestimate the community college system. You can complete your lower division program at a cc. It is a bit easier and cheaper, too! You can eventually transfer to a UC. UC's are VERY good about accepting transfer students.

    Hope that helped! Best of luck!

    Source(s): Been there done that. I'm a second year community college student who will be transferring to Cal this fall.
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    They care about all of your grades throughout high school...they look at your cumulative GPA which is the average of all of your grades in high school....senior year is also important because some schools will retract your admission if you really screw up

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    you're certainly no longer likely to berkeley except you purchased on the brink of like a 2400 sat score or some thing. you have a shot at davis in case you have some good extracurriculars and a first rate sat score.

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