What DBMSs do you recommend? I need to describe database functions, types, and models for the clients.?

I need to meet software needs with the purchase of database software. Software to be able to manage large amounts of data normally stored in paper form. I like the idea of moving to a data base system. I have spoken to the employees about more specific data needs such as data about customers, suppliers, and employees, but the information is difficult to retrieve and make sense of it. Sales and inventory records are kept on paper making it difficult to analyze sales trends or accurately manage inventory.

A lot of data is to be shared with franchisees.

Our current offerings are shared when we meet with customer about how well our product is doing.

Financial information is difficult to compile because everything is recorded on paper.

I need a better way to track how well our marketing is doing and to gather data about our customers

My primary concern is keeping track of inventory.

Maintain employee records. I need accurate information on employee benefits, retirement and contributions.

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    MySql is free

    MS Sql Server is paid

    Oracle is expensive.

    I would go with MySQL or MS Access (if database is small less than 1 gig)

    But just having a database will not complete your needs. Appears that you need an inventory management software as well as HR managment software, Document management software.

  • It sounds like you're trying to accomplish alot with one system. You have several options for a back-end DB.

    1) Oracle - This is a big expenditure. It sounds like you're working for a small company who probably wouldn't want this. The great thing about Oracle is the way that the test databases work and the level of control the DBA has over the databases.

    2) MySQL - This is a product that may suit your needs better snce it's Open Source. It is a pretty powerful utility that many companies use as a backend. It is open source so there isn't much in the way of support. There is documentation available.

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