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has anyone ever seen a Black and white strangely made Czech film probably from the 60's?

It was an odd film with strange cartoonish special effects. The subject concerned a story similar to '20,000 leagues under the sea' set on an isolated island.

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    It definitely sounds like some movie of Karel Zeman. He used to combine real actors with animation tricks. Nothing exceptional today but in that time and equipment it was almost magic :o)

    His stories were mostly based on Jules Verne books. I am not sure, but what U describe might be "Ocelove mesto" (Steel town). I would need more description.

    I enjoy his movies a lot. it is full of fantasy and the tricks were really amazing considering there was no digital technology.

    Here is the link:

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    I've seen a lot of B&W Czech films, mostly new wave from the 60s, but this one isn't striking a cord. I'll look through my database later.

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    yes however i do not remember the names. i got a bad memory. i think it is jammed.

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    i bet someone has

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