*_* How do I cool down in this hot weather? ^_^?

How can I cool down in like 100 degree weather when its muggy and hot in the classroom with no AC? Not that i'm going to summerschool, I just want the few days of school that i have left to be relaxing and not stressful.

Also, how can I cool down at home while doing my HW? BTW, my cheap dad wont get an AC cuz of the bills, and fans give off HOTAIR. Thnx for helping!


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    Put an ice pack on each of your pulse points - both wrists, ankles and one around the neck. It will cool your entire body down. You can also just do a washcloth rinsed, folded and put in the freezer for a bit.

    Source(s): This is how chemo patients cool off, so it should work for you.
  • Eva
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    4 years ago

    To keep cool during the summer, I usually do the obvious things: •wear shorts •go swimming when I can •take my mind off the heat with a good video game or movie •go out for icecream •take a mini road trip •have a water fight with a friend haha This summer I play to go to a lot of shows, get a summer job, or start looking into college classes. (:

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1.) Take some cold water

    2.) Wet some wash cloths. Put them in ziploc bags and freeze them overnight. Pack them in your lunchbox with a blue icepack. Same for at home.

    3.) Go to the nearest Dollar General store and get a trigger spray bottle. Fill it with ice and water. Put it in the freezer for about 2 hours. DO NOT LET IT TOTAL FREEZE. Do not take it out if it doesnt have bits of ice either. This would be the perfect temprature for cooling down.

    4.)Pour icy water of your veins in your hand. This would be best if the water was at about 25-30 degrees Farenheit.

    Hope I could help

    Stay cool=)


  • 6 years ago

    BTW dude, i need solution of staying cool at home during summers. today while doing HW i was sweating hell, the sweat is rolling down from my face, i told my dad to install AC but he denied. i really hate sweating.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wear a bathing suit or as least clothes as you can

    Open windows and use fans to keep the air moving

    Eat Ice and Cold foods

    Take cool baths

    Leave lights off when it's daylight

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    Don't drink soda, alcohol, or any juices that are chock full of sugar. All this junk dehydrates you like crazy. Do drink lots of water or lemonade made from powder.

    Uhm..what else..what else...fruit. Fruit will cool you down. Grapes, oranges, those kind. Junk food will dehydrate you too (chips, tv dinners, ect) cuz of all the crap that's put in them to preserve shelf life.

    GO PLAY IN THE SPRINKLERS! that's always fun. =]

    hooray summer!

  • John M
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    Sit in the shade and wear an ice bandana.

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    Take a cool shower if you are very hot take a cold shower. Get a pool. That would also cool you down plus you would get a tan.

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    A cool shower and wash your hair with cool water. Then sit by the fan. The air that that fan gives off will cool off your body.

  • Bru
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    I know what its like to be a Dad so I know it can be expensive to pay the bills. Air air condition costs and they are not as healthy as people think, you don't know what things you can catch re breathing the air.

    We are having a warm autumn here in Brisbane.

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