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are there any hurricanes or strong storms heading to florida yet?

i live in florida and hurricane season started. are there any hurricanes or strong storms heading our way? if so when do you think they are going to be here? i watch the news a lot but here is the problem. i have a satellite dish and its raining and the signal goes away constantly. so... can anyone help with the hurricane problem? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tropical Storm Barry is impacting Florida now. It is currently in the Gulf of Mexico with rain over the coast from central to south Florida. Its current track is projected to take it over northeast Florida just west of Jacksonville about 2 PM Saturday afternoon.

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    the bigger storms eat and feed off of the smaller ones, that's what retains them going and now and back turning out to be. Jupiter has extremely some distinctive climate bands shifting in opposite guidelines, so there is not any threat for a hurricane, as quickly as began, to lose steam via drifting off too far north or south. it incredibly is compelled to stay interior the narrow selection of the climate band, that's quite like a supercharged jet pass. each and each of those jet streams carry hundreds of storms interior of, and those storms do not likely have the alternative of having out of ways of the different. it incredibly is why they merge. it incredibly is why the super pink Spot is so super. it incredibly is why it has lasted centuries. So in a nutshell, the super pink spot isn't the single same hurricane that has lasted hundreds of years. it incredibly is purely a area the place many smaller storms shop feeding mutually. a similar concern occurs in the international now and back (see: the proper hurricane), in spite of the reality that here in the international they finally die off. component be conscious: extremely some human beings are utilising a hurricane reference, that's high-quality, yet you do not want a land mass to kill a hurricane. All you ought to do is take away the warmth tropical waters it feeds off of (extremely some hurricanes die off interior the cooler Atlantic with out ever hitting land). hurricane Sandy, working example, wasn't a useful hurricane (it exchange into purely a Cat a million while hitting NJ). What made it so undesirable exchange into that it blended with a low tension device on a similar time as severe tide, and it did so below an entire moon while tides are even bigger than frequent to start with. this mixture, not the hurricane itself, is what brought about certainly one of those flooding (and the wear and tear that observed) this section hasn't considered in centuries. it incredibly is basically what's taking place on Jupiter. The sheer form of storms are severe and those useful, fueling circumstances continually combine mutually to maintain those storms alive and in many situations turning out to be.

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